Friday, September 25, 2009

My 5K

Hey guys! I am running a 5K in November- on the 5th. The run is to raise money for Children Hospitals.

Lets admit it- I am really running it to just run a 5K because I have always wanted to. BUT, it is for charity and I am "suppose" to raise money for it. So- if you feel like you want to donate (please do not EVER feel obliged) just use the link below:

To Donate, just click here!

Thanks guys for your support! I will let you know how the run goes with LOADS of pictures when I am done :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Positive Side of Negative Reinforcement

I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement being necessary for success and improvement. I of all people know how it can feel when someone rags on you too hard. I gave up writing almost all summer because a teacher read one of my books and said it sucked.

But, I was realizing while I was at the gym today that sometimes a little negative push can take you a long way as well. Especially when you are like me; uber independent, and hating to hear the words- you cant, or you shouldn't.

Let me give you my example of what I mean.

I was at the gym today. I HATE to run. I hate it as much as I hate going to the dentist, ironing, and eating green beans. But a little before my birthday my golds gym pass ran out, and seeing as I get a free pass at Throwdown gym through work, I signed up. We need the extra cash for med school apps anyways.

Throwdown gym is a UFC fighting gym. And as much as I like to watch other people box its not really my thing. (Especially since the people who take the gym classes could kill me with a look.) So whats left for me to do is...well... run. It's working out though, because I decided since I am going to run I might as well make the best of it and now I am currently training for a 5K in Novemeber, and a 10K in Spring, something I have ALWAYS wanted to do.

And as I was running at the gym today I was thinking of this kid I knew in high school. He made high school gym class a LIVING HELL for me. He was in EVERY single one of my gym classes and I loathed him. He made fun of me to my face and behind my back any time he could. Granted, I was like...40 pounds over weight my first two years of high school, but I was really fit as a Junior and Senior.

Just thinking about him pisses me off. To this day. And when I run I imagine myself getting super, super fit and going to my 10 year high school reunion looking hotter than hot and running into him. And I will say, "Oh? You work in a garage? My husband is hot and a neurosurgeon and I am writing books." And then I will punch him in the face.

Ridiculous, I know. And to be a good person I really SHOULD get over it. But for some reason, when I think of spiteing him and showing him up, I run the BEST miles I have ever run. It worked the same way in high school. My best runs were right after fights with my dad. The anger some how builds up and pounds out through my feet and when I am done, I am much more relaxed.

Another example? My senior year of high school I started out in an AP english class. I had heard rumors of this teacher being the hardest teacher in the world. But I EXCELLED in every english class, and I was determined to do so here. Our first paper I spent more than a combined 36 hours (I usually wrote A papers in 2 or 3) studying Othello and writing an essay.

To be honest, I didn't expect an A. I wanted a B, and then I could work up. When I got my paper back I had an F. Not a 58 almost D, I had like 5 out of 100. I was devastated but determined so I made and appointment and went and talked to her. When I handed her my paper, begging her to tell me how to improve she said, "Oh I remember this. Its horrible. I would be embarrassed if I were you. You could never turn this in to a college class."

I dropped her class actually a week later with my moms blessing. (You know how as Latter Day Saints we believe that you can be a god some day? My mom has reached goddess as a mortal.) The teacher made me hate the thing I was most passionate about, and an AP grade wasn't worth it. I never regretted dropping. But every time I would get a bad grade in college I would think about what she said and I would have this overwhelming angry vindictive feeling that I HAD to prove her wrong because I knew I was awesome.

I really kind of want to send her a copy of my diploma and my senior portfolio that even the hardest teacher I had in college admitted was graduate school quality. And I want to write a note that says, "You were wrong *#$%@."

Like I said- utterly ridiculous and a little immature. I'm sorry, I can't help it. But the thing is- if these people hadn't said mean things- even though it hurt a lot to hear them- I might have given up. I have had a TON of positive reinforcment from family, friends, teachers. But I think my drive to prove these others utterly wrong, and embarrass them in turn, really motivate(d/s) me.

I had a teacher my 8th grade year who totally understood this concept. At the end of the year he told our class that most kids never lived up to be what they dreamed. Kind of sad when you think about it. The world could do with more firefighters and ballerinas. We all had to make bets with him- milkshake bets- that we would be what we wanted to be. I of course betted him a chocolate shake that I would be an author someday.

And when I get discouraged, or stuck on a hard chapter in a book I am writing, I think of that bet, and I see in my mind, my first novel in print with the dedication page reading, "To Richard Voss. You owe me a chocolate milk shake."

It helps me me write more, and better every single time.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Top Ten

It's been a while but this needs to be done if I do say so :)

1. Early morning shift at work. I always KNEW I loved it, but I didn't know how much until I lost it. Now that I am working 6am again its like all my dreams have come true.
2. The Shins. They are a band. Download them- you will NOT regret it.
3. The video game- Little Big World. As Adam would describe it- Charming. We have been having so much fun with it this weekend.
4. Forever 21- who knew it was so cheap and yet so cute? I felt like I was shopping in the UK again it made me so happy to be there.
5. The Time Travelers Wife. I haven't even finished yet but I am HOOKED. The woman is an amazing writer- I hope the movie does the book justice. (It wont- but I can dream can't I?)
6. Hot rollers. I forgot how easy they make doing hair. Pop them in, eat breakfast, get ready, roll them out and you look like you took hours getting ready!
7. Having to ask the lady in the dressing room to grab you a pant size smaller please. NOTHING compares with that feeling I can promise you.
8. Kashi, and Fiber One products. HELLO! Yum. I can't even tell you. Buy a box of the dark chocolate coconut Kashi granola bars, and the Fiber one Muffin Mixes and you will see what I mean.
9. That is rained. ALL DAY on Monday. It was like tears of joy for me.
10. Being Married. I know- cop out. Lets say being in a healthy relationship. I have SO MUCH fun with Adam. Married fun and normal fun :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Proud to be an American

I think every girl has made a list of what she wants in a future spouse someday. I think it may actually be a goal in the Young Women's program. Plus, that is the point of dating right? To find those qualities that you cannot live without, and those that can slide around a little.

For those of you who know me and read this blog... :) I am OBSESSED with lists. So when I was younger I wrote about... a million different lists about the man I wanted some day. I came out married in November of 2007 very pleased to say that Adam made the cut. I think the only things that didn't match up were Adam hates cats, and does not have red hair. (His is curly though which makes up for it :)

One of the things I never knew after dating for 5 years however, was that love of country was really important to me.

I love America. I do. I think- not because I am interested in politics of have spent time in other horrible places, but simply because I know the land is promised and I have seen family members, friends, acquaintances all fight and give a little life's blood to the cause. I love THEM for what they do.

My motto is more like the one (I think it was Gwenyth Paltrow?) said when we were invading Iraq- that I may not AGREE with the casue (Not saying I didn't at the time- I had no idea what was going on then) but I will ALWAYS support the troops.

Adam, on the other hand, has deep passion for this country. He DID spend two years in a war torn country, a dozen years out of communisim. He saw first hand what it does to a land, and to a people. I remember at the end of his mission, when I was running around England, loving every minute of it, he wrote me and told me he was glad I was having fun, but he hoped being foreign made me realize how great it is to be an American.

I can't really say it did.... the UK is still kind of like my hearts home. That I can't help. But being with the English and the Scottish made me feel guilty for the kind of American I have been. Even five year olds there know about politics. Me and a friend got REEMED in a Scottish museum for asuming that Queen Elizabeth the II was their second queen as well. (She's not. The Scots dont recognize Queen E the I). Everyone there had deep love and deep passion for the soil that they live on. I came home wanting to be like that, about this country I am from.

Adam has recently been given an amazing opportunity to join the armed forces as a doctor. Military doctors are in high demand right now. We haven't decided yet if we are going to do it- there are perks and downsides to joining and to not, and it is going to take a lot of thought.

Whether we do or dont however, I will always remember the one thing Adam said to me when we were talking about it. Neither of us knew if we could stand him joining a fighting force- Adam wasn't sure he would handle boot camp well and I would be a nevous wreck thinking of him in the front lines. But Adam said about putting his brain and his best skills on the line, "I would like to serve my country."

I never knew how important to me that was until he said it. But I think Adam being willing to serve our country, to love it so much that he WANTS to, is one of my favorite things about him. I guess there are a few things you have to learn while you are married that you just cant when you are single.

God bless America, this truly is the land the Moeck's love.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


All right, I have done it. I have made a blog that is just for the little things that I write. Please read it, and please enjoy it. I will keep this blog for pictures and updates because that is fun :)

My new Blog is:

Monday, September 14, 2009

The 14th

I am now officially 23. I am actually not too upset about it. 23 in itself seems like an amazing age- right in the golden years- right where I want to be. The only thing that got me down was realizing that in 7 years I will be 30, while 7 years ago I was turning 16. How strange time is isn't it?

I had a wonderful birthday. I went to a spa, amd went shopping. Adam took me to see Transformers and to eat at the Olive Garden, and we shared a chocolate wall from PF Changs and he sang me happy birthday. And it rained. For those of you who don't know, since 2004, it had NEVER been over 70 degrees on the 14th of September and it is ALWAYS, or always starts out at least, as overcast.

Why? Because the Lord loves me. And it is my birthday. And as a gift for me, he makes the sky gray and the breeze cool and when he can liquid love falls from the sky to cool my face. My birthday gifts from God are always my favorites.

Since high school, I have compiled a list, and I add to it every birthday. I take a few moments of quiet on my day to look at the past year of my life and think overall, what have I learned? What is the message? I then write that message in my list. I now have 23 of such things, and I wanted to share them with you. Each item has a story behind it, but I won't share all of those now :)

What I’ve Learned
23 Truths for Living Life

1. When you’re learning how to walk, the standing back up part is important.
2. The most important word is not I or mine.
3. Potty training is hard
4. Always, always ask why
5. Don’t pick California poppies in California
6. Daisies are always free
7. When faced with the choice of getting to keep a toy that you want, and getting to say good bye to a friend you may never see again, always give up the Barbie for the chance to say good-bye.
8. Have faith.
9. Always have an imagination and always use it.
10. Barney is not as cool as you once thought.
11. Write-always write.
12. Work hard for yourself- not for your teachers or for your parents- but just for you.
13. Love your family. Someday they will be all that you have left.
14. Learn who you are, love who you are, be who you are.
15. Fall in love.
16. Dance the way you do when no one is watching.
17. People don’t die. They take a long vacation and go visit God.
18. You don’t know everything. In fact, you don’t know much at all. What you do know though, is that the only way to live is with God and His son, because it is then that you find joy.
19. Someday someone will make you realize that you can hold the world. And even if he ends up hurting you, you’ll know that every tear will be worth it because your love was real. Because it was when you loved him that you found yourself closest to God.
20. Learn how to live by yourself and love being alone. It will be very lonesome for quite some time but when it gets really bad, the Lord will send you a friend who will make the loneliness more tolerable.
21. Sometimes you loose sight of who you are. When this happens the best remedy is to just take off you clothes and jump into the water.
22. Love is not hard. Situations may be hard. Creating romance may be hard. But love itself, is very easy.
23. Do not let anyone or anything tell you to hurry. This is YOUR time. You need to live life, not be life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Old News

I was just realizing that there were a lot of things from the summer (summer is gone, school is here, where is the cooler weather?!) that I have yet to blog about, and I thought I would just make one long picture post so y'all can enjoy. (Because the best part of a blog is the pictures- we all admit it.)

I add this in only because it is funny. We moved in April! We used to live in a hole with crap neighbors and then we moved next door. We are much happier. This picture is from Adam was trying to remove a picture from a wall (I had double sided taped it) and was afraid of things going flying, so the only protective eye wear we had was my sun glasses. (I wont wear them if they don't cover half my face.) LOVE him in them, I must say.
Of sorts. A bunch of the girls from my freshman year got together midsummer because one of our own got home from a mission, and we thought it would be nice to catch up. It was. And I love all these girls with all my hearts, though I didn't make it to the reunion they had on Sunday. (Girl needs to go to bed early now guys.)
Fourth of July:
I had to get up at 6 for work, but I got home at 3. We had Adam's sister over, Ryan Miller, and his good friends Kellen and his wife. We went to the park and played Frisbee. Or everyone else did. I suck so much at it that I don't enjoy it so I read in the grass while they played.Then we came home and I made barbecue hamburgers, and a fourth of July cake. (My room-mate Lindsay and I started this and I have continued it.) We ate SO MUCH.And because Adam and Ryan have not been excited about fireworks since the mission to Albania, we went outside and played with sparklers for a while, and then just watched movies and played games all night. Fourth of July isn't my favorite of holidays without kids around, so this was a PERFECT time for me.
Jared Palooza:
Our married friends Jared and Alison plan the BEST PARTIES EVER. It was Jared's birthday so they played a rock concert party and we all had to dress like a rock star. Adam and I don't have many rock star outfits but he did his best to look like Chester (Linkin Park people) and I said I was Hillary Duff.And then we played rock band for forever! They went all out, and made back stage passes, the lights in the room were all colored, they had posters, and Jareds brother pretended to be a bouncer using Alisons straightner. It was the greatest time.

Now- world- can you be satisified? I have blogged about everything and everything that happened in the summer. Lets drop the temperature about... 20 degrees, and start changing those leaves! (Some rain wouldn't be so hard either would it?)