Monday, August 31, 2009

Plug In

I know that some people hate it when other people do this but- oh well! I am :)

My best friend Becky is an AMAZING artist. Ever since I can remember she has loved photography. She actually took my senior photos my last year of high school, because not only did I get them done for free that way, but she got to use them in her senior portfolio/ senior project. (No one else had to do that? We had to have a huge presentation and everything- couldn't graduate without it.)I put a couple of the pictures in here 1, so you can see how amazing she was back then with a very normal film camera and no training, and 2, because I think it is REALLY fun to see pictures of people when they were younger. (Although I don't think I have changed much whether that is sad or not...)Becky has this way of exactly capturing who you are, and she catches you in your most real moments. The photo I used in the year book is the one of me laughing in the weeds. Becky had thought they made a nice background so she made me go cuddle them and said, "Just LOVE the weeds Sarah, LOVE them." I was laughing SO hard and everyone always loved the picture because it caught me in the middle of being who I am.Anyways, I write all of this becasue for the last few years Becky has been taking classes in photography at college, and her talent has become AMAZING. Out of this world amazing. She had made two new blogs that I wanted to tell you all to look at- even if you are not interested in services., features all of her photography. features all of the crafts that she does with her photography. That one is not currently up and running, but the following pictures are things she has made me.
These are plaques of a sorts that I have hung on my wall- one is a picture of when Adam and I went up to Oregon Halloween weekend before we got married, and the other is a picture of my wedding bouquet. I didn't actually have a picture of my bouquet but since my other amazing talent friend Jarius did so wonderfully on it, I wanted to remember it. So Becky did some work on some already existing photos and came out with this.
Like I said, the girl is unbelievable talented. Look at her blogs- I added them to my crafty list and love them as much as I do :)

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