Sunday, August 2, 2009


We had a very adventurous week-end this week. It gave some great insight on what it will be like to own and care for my own home some day. On Friday afternoon Adam was in the bathroom brushing his teeth getting ready for work, and he heard the toilet gurgling. So he went into our little basement area to find the plunger and there was water EVERY WHERE.

Adam moved everything out of the basement, making our whole house and front area look like a dumping ground. I'm so glad he did though because nothing, thankfully, got ruined. And since our landlord was out of town for the weekend, we figured we could just last a few days with water... and a not very well working toilet.Of course when I came home on Saturday we discovered that the water was now... sewage? I called everything from the landlords cell phone to his house phone and finally got a hold of his daughter who was watching the office, and she got a rotter rooter to come and take care of it.

Adam helped the plumber out moving things around in my boots. My favorite part of this house adventure. It turns out that the roots from the trees around were growing INTO the pipes, and broke them apart, clogging the main lines. So everything filled up, and then BACKED up into our basement area.

But the plumber got everything fixed, and got rid of the water. The landlords daughter got a bacteria exterminator cleaner-upper guy to come over. He sprayed this stringent anti-microb stuff all over the floors, and the carpet, and brought in an air purifier. We had to rip up the carpet by the bathroom because the water had seeped through the wall.

Then another woman came over last night and cleaned out EVERYTHING and set up massive fans all over the house to dry everything out. They actually worked great though they are SO loud. But when we woke-up this morning everything was dry and NOTHING smelled.
The landlord came over this morning to check everything out and said that it looked so good that they would bring out the fans tomorow. So this is Adam and I in our new happy, very dry, non-bacteria, un-padded carpeted apartment.

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  1. WOW. Great story! at least there were no lesbians above you too?