Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day of Infamy

August 25th has come and is now gone. The MCAT was started at noon on Tuesday, and finished bringing Adam home by 5 that evening. He was so exhausted he had to sit on the couch for 30 minutes after wards and let- as he said it- his brain recover.

We went out to a celebratory dinner after wards- Adam got Panda Express, I had Cafe Rio. And that night as we sat down to watch the third season of 30 Rock (BEST SHOW EVER) Adam said, "Wow, I have no idea what to do with myself. The MCAT is done, and school hasn't started. No studying. What do I do now?"

Don't worry- I taught Adam what to do when there is nothing to study :)

We took Wednesday and Thursday off. On Wednesday since we stayed up so late the night before (4- I haven't done that since I was a Freshman in college) we slept in until 11. Then we watched some 30 Rock. Then we went to campus to buy Adam's books, over to his sisters to lay in her hammock, and then we decided to go to Wingers for dinner with Amy and Adam's best friend Ryan, and spent the rest of the day window shopping around the mall. As fun as that may NOT sound to a lot of people- we had a BLAST.

We had ice cream right before we left the mall, and then Amy and Ryan came back to our place and we played games. I actually fell asleep on the couch part of the way through, but Adam said everyone else had a lot of fun haha!

On Thursday, I dragged Adam into going hiking. He doesn't hate it, but he doesn't love it. But I made had him promise me for every ten pounds I loose this summer he has to do something great for me :) First we went to the water park, and though the second one has been a bit in coming due to the MCAT, but Adam made good and with Amy and Ryan in tow, we hiked Stewart Falls this afternoon! We had a great picnic at the top, and spent some time relaxing and playing before coming back down.

Our two day break wasn't by any standard days of high excitment that an actual vacation might have been, but Adam and I both agreed, they were both the exact type of fun and realxing that we could want in a break. Now all we have to do is await the MCAT score and then the application process will begin!

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  1. oh my gosh could you guys be any cuter? I love your hat and pig tails. Trent would too. He always wants me to style my hair in different ways. So I told him, okay get a job so I don't have to work then I can take 30 minutes of my day to style my 50 foot long hair. hahaha!!! boys are funny. Trent and I are going to the beach next week for 4 DAYS!!! Im so excited. I wish you two could come, I would love it. But we get december to be together.....and Im still wishin and hopin for the ranch or disneyland next year with you guys. Trent says I dream to much. hahahaha!!! I like it. I love you and let me know how the test turns out and the applications. Good luck!!!!