Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have a tendency to write a lot of random things. NOT just things for this blog like you think :) Those random things have a lot to do with my friends, family, and what is going on in my life.

I am meaning when I get in a soulful mood, or a funny mood, and I go off for ten pages in a journal about... anything and nothing. My best friend Becky used to call these my Ramblings. When she would come over to "study" (which meant to eat chocolate and talk about marriage and MAYBE get some homework done), if she got bored she would whip out whatever journal I was writing in and just read it. During college I starting typing all these things up and making little books for her. It was fun.

Everyone has blogs of all the crafty things they do, all the things they cook etc. I am not so... talented in those ways as others are :) I can hold my own, but not enough for my own blog. If I am going to make a mark, it will be with a pen.

So what I am wondering, is who would actually be interested in reading my ramblings? I will warn you that some may be a paragraph, or pages of a novel... whatever I am feeling or thinking, or just want to write down. They may be funny, they may be things that are not usually talked about on a blog.

If it would be at all interesting, let me know. I would make a separate blog for it. I would love peoples good thoughts and bad thoughts, and I would love to actually have some of these things just READ. I think they need to be, but poor Adam can only take so much :)


  1. I would totally read your ramblings. I think those can be the best and most insightful blog posts!

  2. And you know that I would too! You need feedback, I need entertainment. It's a win-win!

  3. ummmmmm YES!!!! I would love to read all your ramblings! I miss it. You look at all my crafts and I will read all of your work. I can't wait. You better do it soon. I love you sarahray!