Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah and Adam's Week of Fun!

(If you are as obsessed with Friends as Adam and I are, then you have to let us know if you get the title of this post :)

Like I said, the Sunday we got back from Colorado visiting Adam's family, my mom came into town since my sisters were going to EFY this past week. We sent them off Monday morning, Carolyn staying in the Heritage halls, and Rebekah in the Riveria right across from Adam's old apartment!

I had a lot of friends at work who helped me to get some extra time off, and we just straight up played! We went to a few movies, out shopping, out to eat ALL the time. Alex taught Adam some new tricks on his wave board, I beat Alex at Scrabble, my mom brought me a box of books and we played LOADS of games.
On Tuesday night one of Adam's buddies from the mission threw a barbecue and we went to say hey. My mom stayed at home to work on her Sunday school lesson, but we had fun eating GREAT food (thanks Scott!) talking and Alex played a little volleyball.
And on Friday, the day before they left, I got out of work early and we all went to Seven Peaks! Adam and I had never been before, and Ryan Miller, and Adam's sister Amy joined us and we had A BLAST. We did almost all of the slides, the lazy river a few times, and the wave pool. (Which I think is more fun WITHOUT the tube ps.) And afterwards we had to introduce my family to cafe rio :)
They all left on Saturday morning EARLY because Provo shuts down its streets at 7 for the run and the parade. I think we were so busy with the 4th that I didn't even get to miss my mom until yesterday. I think I forget how MUCH I love having my family around until they leave. I dont even have to get used to be being with they again. And my siblings are so old!

At least I will get to see them in August when Adam and I go up to Oregon for a little camping. I LOVE MY FAMILY!

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  1. You are coming in August? When? I am so excited. I don't care if you are going camping, I get to see you!!! Yay!!!