Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Fashonista

When I was in England my girls called me the fashionista. Warning: This DOES NOT mean I have any fashion sense whatsoever. It just means I like it. While walking through London they would all gaggle over the old buildings, and I would point out a girl walking down the street and go, "Are her shoes GUCCI?" I almost cried when I came the Burberry outlet. It was like finding home.

I say all this because I realized after my last post, that I really follow silly trends more than I set myself apart from them. So, the following is a list of trends that I CANNOT live without. And they should all make you laugh :) Although I apologize... I was way to lazy to get pictures today.

1. Harry Potter and Twilight books. While I may not fancy the movies, I was very much, a midnight, bookstore party type of gal. When the last Harry Potter book came out my room-mates and I drove around looking for the shortest line and then read allowed to each other in the car and while we walked back to our apartment so we wouldn't loose a minute. I took a day off of work when the fourth Twilight came out. No joke there.

2. Skinny jeans. Do not scoff until you try. EVERY woman looks good in these. I dont care how short, fat, skinny or tall you think you are. There are a pair out there waiting for you. Go find them. They want to be worn by you. It is yours, and their destiny.

3. Hillary Duff. Yes, I love her. I love her movies, her shows, her music everything. She makes me so happy.

4. Amanda Bynes. If you say you DO NOT like her you are lying. There is no one funnier. When I was in the hospital in January, I would watch her shows every day. Once Adam even came to visit me during one, and I told him we could chit-chat when the show was over. (it might me a good thing we dont have cable now...)

5. Cafe Rio. I have never heard one person ever say they could do without. I know I can't. I would eat it every day if it was possible. It will be one of the ONLY things I miss about Utah when we move. (Anyone want to take upon them opening one up in Tennessee or Upstate New York?)

6. Roses. Dont tell me you dont love them. Because you do. They speak, smell and look romance. I am going to have a full garden of them some day.

7. Diamonds. They really are a girls best friend. I didn't realize I loved them until I got a ring FULL of them! :) And then my grandpa got me earring for graduation and I haven't taken them out once since I got them because they make me that much happier.

8. Golds Gym. I got sucked into a steal of a deal membership a few years back, and though sometimes I have months where I lapse from going at all... I love it. I have returned to the Gym full force the past few weeks and I love the classes. Anything you could ever want to try is there and the instructors are SO nice. And contrary to popular belief... not everyone who goes to the gym is thin. Most of my classes are pudgy girls like me still trying to get off the last of that holiday weight :)

9. Speaking of getting off the last of the holiday weight... Weight Watchers will make it to my list. Do NOT knock it until you try it. It works. And it lets you eat what you want, to do what you want, while promoting you to have a better lifestyle. You dont even have to go to meetings. I never have. I do it all on line, and I am proud to say, I love it.

10. Naming your diary. I do it most of the time. Yes still. Its way too much fun. And then you feel like your talking to a real person. Its more fun when your like me and you suck through one in a few months. And then you give every one a DIFFERENT name. Most of the things we loved as kids should NEVER grow old.


  1. i think they have a cafe rio in memphis...or at least something similar. The same people run it.. I could be imagining things... but I'm almost positive they do. :) (and also I want to live by you fooorrreeevvssss. lol)

  2. I agree with all of your loves. :) Except maybe for skinny jeans. This pregnancy croissant around my middle might get in the way. The sad attempts Denver has at Mexican grill? are pathetic...and I truly miss Cafe Rio. Amanda Bynes makes me so happy. :) Oh yeah...and I definitely checked out a Hilary Duff CD from the library. Coincidence? I think not!

  3. Haha... I'm going to have to disagree with the skinny jeans. I have tried them... back in the early 90s. It was a mistake then... and probably now too. haha. Not so much my thing.

    But - everything else (well, minus the Gold's Gym, but my hubby loves that) is great. Weight Watchers is wonderful. I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight... and then head surgery and couldn't exercise at all, so bleh now. BUT - it works and is wonderful.

    And there is a place called Moe's - they have it up near Atlanta, so they might also have it in Tennessee. I think it's the southern version of Cafe Rio.