Sunday, July 5, 2009


While we were learning how to rock in Colorado :), our real reason for going up there was because Adam's niece Aidan was getting baptized, and our new nephew Titan was getting blessed.

The girl in the hat is the pre-baptised Aidan, and then the girl getting into the font, and then all the four oldest kids (because Titan was getting dressed) before the blessing the day after. These are our FAVORITE kids in the world.

The baptism was WONDERFUL. I started to cry even during the opening song. All the aunts and uncles participated. Adam gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and told a cute story about Aidan at the start that made everyone laugh, and then made them cry. All the grandmothers sang Walk Tall Your a Daughter, and it was so beautiful.

The best part was after the baptism one of her grandfathers leaned down and whispered in Aidan's ear, "You know you are perfect?" And I have NEVER seen that beautiful girl smile SO BIG. We had a huge barbecue with family and friends afterwards that was so much fun.

We had to leave the next morning to come home to Utah because my mom was coming into town with my siblings, so we didn't actually get to go to Titan's blessing, but one of the grandmothers had bought him an outfit- all white and satin and the coat even had little tails on it. He was SO CUTE!

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