Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And Behold, They Didst Learn How to ROCK

Adam and I, though it may be blasphemous to say, were never very large fans of Rock Band or guitar hero. We would play at a party, but not much else. This past weekend we went to visit family in Colorado who had just purchased the new Guitar Hero World Tour (the drums have symbols).

Our nieces and nephews, the oldest of whom is eight, were in love with the game. And needless to say MUCH better than we were. Even Adams uncle who had never played before rocked it out.

That was when we discovered the song.... neither of us remember the title. It was super slow, and Adam had somehow been convinced to take the drum sticks. Afterward's they tried harder and harder songs, Adam still on the drums.

He declared to me, that he had "discovered his groove". And then I took the following video :) Reminiscent of DDR anyone?

Hence the Moeck's now desire to obtain Guitar Hero World Tour for themselves, and to teach everyone who enterth into their home, to learn how to rock. As long as they do not upset the groove. Never through off the groove :)

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