Thursday, July 30, 2009


I have a tendency to write a lot of random things. NOT just things for this blog like you think :) Those random things have a lot to do with my friends, family, and what is going on in my life.

I am meaning when I get in a soulful mood, or a funny mood, and I go off for ten pages in a journal about... anything and nothing. My best friend Becky used to call these my Ramblings. When she would come over to "study" (which meant to eat chocolate and talk about marriage and MAYBE get some homework done), if she got bored she would whip out whatever journal I was writing in and just read it. During college I starting typing all these things up and making little books for her. It was fun.

Everyone has blogs of all the crafty things they do, all the things they cook etc. I am not so... talented in those ways as others are :) I can hold my own, but not enough for my own blog. If I am going to make a mark, it will be with a pen.

So what I am wondering, is who would actually be interested in reading my ramblings? I will warn you that some may be a paragraph, or pages of a novel... whatever I am feeling or thinking, or just want to write down. They may be funny, they may be things that are not usually talked about on a blog.

If it would be at all interesting, let me know. I would make a separate blog for it. I would love peoples good thoughts and bad thoughts, and I would love to actually have some of these things just READ. I think they need to be, but poor Adam can only take so much :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Fashonista

When I was in England my girls called me the fashionista. Warning: This DOES NOT mean I have any fashion sense whatsoever. It just means I like it. While walking through London they would all gaggle over the old buildings, and I would point out a girl walking down the street and go, "Are her shoes GUCCI?" I almost cried when I came the Burberry outlet. It was like finding home.

I say all this because I realized after my last post, that I really follow silly trends more than I set myself apart from them. So, the following is a list of trends that I CANNOT live without. And they should all make you laugh :) Although I apologize... I was way to lazy to get pictures today.

1. Harry Potter and Twilight books. While I may not fancy the movies, I was very much, a midnight, bookstore party type of gal. When the last Harry Potter book came out my room-mates and I drove around looking for the shortest line and then read allowed to each other in the car and while we walked back to our apartment so we wouldn't loose a minute. I took a day off of work when the fourth Twilight came out. No joke there.

2. Skinny jeans. Do not scoff until you try. EVERY woman looks good in these. I dont care how short, fat, skinny or tall you think you are. There are a pair out there waiting for you. Go find them. They want to be worn by you. It is yours, and their destiny.

3. Hillary Duff. Yes, I love her. I love her movies, her shows, her music everything. She makes me so happy.

4. Amanda Bynes. If you say you DO NOT like her you are lying. There is no one funnier. When I was in the hospital in January, I would watch her shows every day. Once Adam even came to visit me during one, and I told him we could chit-chat when the show was over. (it might me a good thing we dont have cable now...)

5. Cafe Rio. I have never heard one person ever say they could do without. I know I can't. I would eat it every day if it was possible. It will be one of the ONLY things I miss about Utah when we move. (Anyone want to take upon them opening one up in Tennessee or Upstate New York?)

6. Roses. Dont tell me you dont love them. Because you do. They speak, smell and look romance. I am going to have a full garden of them some day.

7. Diamonds. They really are a girls best friend. I didn't realize I loved them until I got a ring FULL of them! :) And then my grandpa got me earring for graduation and I haven't taken them out once since I got them because they make me that much happier.

8. Golds Gym. I got sucked into a steal of a deal membership a few years back, and though sometimes I have months where I lapse from going at all... I love it. I have returned to the Gym full force the past few weeks and I love the classes. Anything you could ever want to try is there and the instructors are SO nice. And contrary to popular belief... not everyone who goes to the gym is thin. Most of my classes are pudgy girls like me still trying to get off the last of that holiday weight :)

9. Speaking of getting off the last of the holiday weight... Weight Watchers will make it to my list. Do NOT knock it until you try it. It works. And it lets you eat what you want, to do what you want, while promoting you to have a better lifestyle. You dont even have to go to meetings. I never have. I do it all on line, and I am proud to say, I love it.

10. Naming your diary. I do it most of the time. Yes still. Its way too much fun. And then you feel like your talking to a real person. Its more fun when your like me and you suck through one in a few months. And then you give every one a DIFFERENT name. Most of the things we loved as kids should NEVER grow old.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What you don't know...

So, I had a friend who did this on her blog and I thought it was sort of a fun idea. It's a list of things that people are obsessed with (pop-culture, not my BFF's in general :) that I actually DON'T like. I thought it was funny to get that side of a persons personality, and made a fun blog, so I am going to do it.
1. Movies off of books. Specifically, Harry Potter, A Walk to Remember, and Twilight. I DISLIKE all of those movies. I fall in love with book characters and then find myself unable to love what some director has done to my ideas :) Now, for compensation I DO love Gone With the Wind and Anne of Green Gables. But the characters are perfect in those.
2. Tucanos. I know, blasphemy. I have been... three or four times? and have NO desire to go again. Now, I DO think the food is good. I DO NOT think it is worth the price. And, I get sick after every time I eat there. I think because I don't eat a lot of red meat... Adam and I are chicken only type of people.
3. Crocks. The shoes. Eww. They make my feet sweat and smell and feel all... gross.
4. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc. Now I know I blogged about us learning how to rock, and when we are in a big group, these games are fun. Otherwise... no thanks. I hardly play when were in a group anyways. I like watching everyone else have fun... I don't so much enjoy it myself.
5. All purpose cleaners. Don't EVEN get me started. Give me bleach and ammonia anyday. Ask my room-mates. I was a HORRIBLE pain.
6. Football. I know, that might be worse than me not liking Tucanos. My family was never a sports insane family... we played the weird sports. Waterpolo, dance, track etc. Take me to a track meet, a cross country meet, any day before a football game. I even understand it a little bit, I just CAN'T force myself to get into it. And for this I am sorry, but there you go.7. Corvettes? Why? That's all I have to say. I am a jag BMW sort of girl. Classy. Whenever I see a corvette I just wonder what they are compensating for.8. Cheese cake. The only time I have EVER liked it was when it is Sara Lee, Frozen, and covered in strawberries. Mind you I will eat... but I just dont like it very much.9. Drama TV. If I am going to watch TV, I want to laugh. I want Friends, Scrubs, Seinfeld. I do not want Nip and Tuck, Desperate Housewives, Grays Anatomy, 24 etc. The only drama show I have watched that I LIKE, is house. And that's because it IS funny.
10. Blogs about people's kids.
Ha! That one is actually a joke. I LOVE hearing baout your families, and kids, and looking at your pictures and watching your videos. And I couldn't mean that more, from the bottom of my heart. I just had to put that in there because I couldn't think of anything else.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

True Love

I know that everyone likes to blog about how amazing their spouse is but my spouse really is the best. :) For me to prove it, you have to know two very interesting things about him.

1. Adam does not like books. He DOES like to read, but he abhors any type of paper trail. Of course, being married to me, and knowing I am an English major he has gotten used to adding an extra floor to ceiling book case a year :) But he avoids buying books when he can. Adam prefers MP3's and PDF's, but again, I can't carry a PDF in my purse, or take it into work.

2. Adam is very VERY thrifty. This is a great thing for me because, when I do not have extra money, I am a budgeting maniac. But when I have pocket money I think- Jeans and books please! And add some Cafe Rio on top. Adam prefers to get the non name brand of everything (except electronics) because it is so much cheaper.

Now, I have been re-reading all the Harry Potter books. We own the first three, and I was getting to the fourth and I told Adam that I HAD to own the book. He consented, and I went to the store to to buy the book. I found it, paperback of course, and go to the front to buy it only to realize after the lady had already rung it up, that I had left my wallet at home. (embarrassing.)

I was SO sad. Not only now was I a half hour early to work, but I had nothing to read WHILE at work, and I was driving without a license.

I come home from work at 9 that night, and when I walk in the door, low and behold I see on the coffee table under my wallet, a HARD COVER copy, of the fourth Harry Potter book.

Adam, while walking to a interview that afternoon, had seen a book store on the street had a sale. So he went inside and bought me my book, because he knew how much I wanted it, and he said that he didn't want me to be without when I came home.

If that is not true love, I have NO IDEA what is.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Family Feud... and Twilight

I found this picture when I was online looking up stuff about the Family Feud for work. I think if you haven't read the books its not funny in the least, but if you are an enthusiast like me... then this is something you will REALLY enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dedicated to Rick and Jan

I wanted to post about the Fourth today, but I couldn't wait to post about this instead :)

Sometimes, when I am bored, I find myself rambling off in my journal about random things. A while ago when I was re-reading my journals (yes I do that) and I found this rambling on love and thought- wow, that would make a great coffee table book.
So I decided to make one! There are a lot of websites out there that allow you to make books. I use Wal Mart because it is the cheapest. You just upload your pictures to their website in an album, and then choose to make a "photo album" or something such from those pictures. You can add words, backgrounds etc. And they have all different sizes.
Adam is a minimalist type of person so he doesn't like it when I just print out pictures for photo albums. But with the books, I get to use my talent as a writer, and I get to print out all my pictures :) I have made one for each year we have been married, detailing what we do each month, and then I have made a few little story books about our puppies for Adam. It is actually A LOT of fun.With this love rambling I wrote, I wanted to make a book out of it for my parents. Of course, I don't have any young pictures of them. So I made my sisters go through all of my mothers photo albums. When they came for EFY they brought me a whole stack of my parents engagement pictures and wedding pictures.The things is, my parents are SO DANG CUTE, I can't but help show them off. (Plus, I think it is funny to see which one of them people think I most look like alike.) In most of these pictures, my mom is a month shy of 20, which would mean my dad is a little shy of 22. (Yes, so I am older than the both of them at current.) So to Rick and Jan! Some of my favorite people in the whole world. (Plus, they look so dang happy....)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sarah and Adam's Week of Fun!

(If you are as obsessed with Friends as Adam and I are, then you have to let us know if you get the title of this post :)

Like I said, the Sunday we got back from Colorado visiting Adam's family, my mom came into town since my sisters were going to EFY this past week. We sent them off Monday morning, Carolyn staying in the Heritage halls, and Rebekah in the Riveria right across from Adam's old apartment!

I had a lot of friends at work who helped me to get some extra time off, and we just straight up played! We went to a few movies, out shopping, out to eat ALL the time. Alex taught Adam some new tricks on his wave board, I beat Alex at Scrabble, my mom brought me a box of books and we played LOADS of games.
On Tuesday night one of Adam's buddies from the mission threw a barbecue and we went to say hey. My mom stayed at home to work on her Sunday school lesson, but we had fun eating GREAT food (thanks Scott!) talking and Alex played a little volleyball.
And on Friday, the day before they left, I got out of work early and we all went to Seven Peaks! Adam and I had never been before, and Ryan Miller, and Adam's sister Amy joined us and we had A BLAST. We did almost all of the slides, the lazy river a few times, and the wave pool. (Which I think is more fun WITHOUT the tube ps.) And afterwards we had to introduce my family to cafe rio :)
They all left on Saturday morning EARLY because Provo shuts down its streets at 7 for the run and the parade. I think we were so busy with the 4th that I didn't even get to miss my mom until yesterday. I think I forget how MUCH I love having my family around until they leave. I dont even have to get used to be being with they again. And my siblings are so old!

At least I will get to see them in August when Adam and I go up to Oregon for a little camping. I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


While we were learning how to rock in Colorado :), our real reason for going up there was because Adam's niece Aidan was getting baptized, and our new nephew Titan was getting blessed.

The girl in the hat is the pre-baptised Aidan, and then the girl getting into the font, and then all the four oldest kids (because Titan was getting dressed) before the blessing the day after. These are our FAVORITE kids in the world.

The baptism was WONDERFUL. I started to cry even during the opening song. All the aunts and uncles participated. Adam gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and told a cute story about Aidan at the start that made everyone laugh, and then made them cry. All the grandmothers sang Walk Tall Your a Daughter, and it was so beautiful.

The best part was after the baptism one of her grandfathers leaned down and whispered in Aidan's ear, "You know you are perfect?" And I have NEVER seen that beautiful girl smile SO BIG. We had a huge barbecue with family and friends afterwards that was so much fun.

We had to leave the next morning to come home to Utah because my mom was coming into town with my siblings, so we didn't actually get to go to Titan's blessing, but one of the grandmothers had bought him an outfit- all white and satin and the coat even had little tails on it. He was SO CUTE!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And Behold, They Didst Learn How to ROCK

Adam and I, though it may be blasphemous to say, were never very large fans of Rock Band or guitar hero. We would play at a party, but not much else. This past weekend we went to visit family in Colorado who had just purchased the new Guitar Hero World Tour (the drums have symbols).

Our nieces and nephews, the oldest of whom is eight, were in love with the game. And needless to say MUCH better than we were. Even Adams uncle who had never played before rocked it out.

That was when we discovered the song.... neither of us remember the title. It was super slow, and Adam had somehow been convinced to take the drum sticks. Afterward's they tried harder and harder songs, Adam still on the drums.

He declared to me, that he had "discovered his groove". And then I took the following video :) Reminiscent of DDR anyone?

Hence the Moeck's now desire to obtain Guitar Hero World Tour for themselves, and to teach everyone who enterth into their home, to learn how to rock. As long as they do not upset the groove. Never through off the groove :)