Sunday, June 7, 2009

Up Date

I have been long and lean in my blogging because.... well a combination of busy and VERY lazy. So, for some quick updated facts on our life instead of a top ten.

1. I am back to being a brunette! (Thanks to GREAT friends who can give hair dying tutorials over the phone.) When I was wearing my glasses today and playing on my computer Adam and I decided that all I needed was a black T-shirt from an alternative band no one has heard of, and my English skinny jeans and I could be emo.
2. Work had been hard. Despite my post last week, and I AM still grateful for my job, but they got rid of the training department so since there are no more Team Lead positions I am at the bottom. It's been REALLY hard. The shift is in the evening now which should be nice for Adam though. And now I can force him to drive me :)
3. We have cycled through all of our TV show episodes and are back to Friends, after Scrubs and Seinfeld etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE friends. Adam loves Monica and I love Chandler.
4. Most of our friends who left for the summer are coming back with-in the next few weeks. I am really excited to "talk about their feelings" and discuss Twilight. (One of Adam's buddies texted me to tell me he read the 3rd book in a day and a half. LOVE it all!)
5. Adam and I have healthy eating goals and each week we give ourselves a prize. I got mani's and pedi's this week, and next week we are going on a tandem bike ride to Provo lake. I am very excited about that.
6. At the end of the month we are going to Colorado to visit Adam's family.
7. At the end of August we might go to Oregon to camp and see MY family.
8. Otherwise... we sleep in, play games, go to work, watch TV... we played Disney Pixar Monopoly last week which was REALLY fun. Adam won. Of course.
9. We still love our new apartment more than any other we have lived in yet. Which is only two previous, but still. And yes, I have STILL to get all the pictures on the wall, which is why I dont have many pictures of the new place up here. But we love it!

Yay for our not very exciting lives! :) That is what the summer is all about though. We are suppose to do NOTHING that way we are ready for the fall, MCATs, Med School apps, book finishing etc. Which is why we LOVE it!

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