Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top Ten Dedicated to Jair

Jairus, one of my bestest friends ever, was actually the one who got me hooked on doing the top ten thing, and since I actually got to talk to him this week, I just wanted to make sure he made it onto the blog :)

So the very obvious number 1: Talking to Jairus! Who, by the way, just got a job in New York on 5th Avenue! And might be working for Oscar DeLa Renta next summer. We are very happy, and a little jealous of him.
2. That I have found 3 fat free healthy recipies Adam actually LIKES, and all this healthy food eating is paying off! I feel great. And I will have to post some of these recipies becasue I mean it, they are GOOD!
3. Getting my hair done. I got so tired of my awful ends that I went and got it cut yesterday and the lady added ADORABLE bangs. I will have to take some pictures because they are SO cute.
4. Sugarland. One of my new favorite bands, and they have a song called Already Gone that get stuck in my head constantly, but not one of the bad stuck in your heads. I love singing it.
5. We get to go on vacation this week and see Adam's family! Heavens, I am just excited to get out of the house, but a trip with Adam and Amy will be SO FUN! And the Sunday we come back, my mom and sisters are coming in which will be even MORE fun.
6. Adam's perspective on things. He has such a way of idnoring the pettyness in most situations and seeing the things that are important. He always puts my mind in the right place.
7. The rain. If you are in Utah right now you hate it, but usually by this time in the summer I spend my extra time nakes in front of a fan it is just so dang hot out. All the rain has kept things a perfect temperature, a color similar to green, and reminds me of how home smells. I am glad Adam and I are both in agreement that we need to live somewhere wet when we grow-up.
8. Grocery shopping really early. Try it. I go at like- 9. The store clerks look at me weird when I walk in, but it is the best! The only time to actually go shopping I say.
9. The movie up. I SOBBED the first ten minutes and laughed through the rest. We actually went and saw it 3-D style, but if you get sick easily I wouldn't suggest it. But it is the BEST movie Pixar and Disney have made yet. You will love it.
10. Being a girl. Because otherwise I couldn't get so excited about flowers and pedicures, and hair cuts and I love loving that stuff. Looking good in front of my friends means a new hair style, or a soft heart. Not how much I can bench press.

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  1. this was one of my favorite top tens you have done. bravo sarah!