Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summerfest Parade

At work I am part of a group called the Employee Roundtable. They take one person from each department, put them together and they plan activities, etc. One of the things that they decided to plan this summer was parades. And seeing as I was the ONLY person who had ever been in a parade, I got the job of planning them.It turned out to be A LOT of work. But also a lot of fun. This past Saturday we went to the Summerfest Parade. It was rather crazy because there were HUGE thunderstorms that day including lightning, so we thought it was going to be canceled. And it started to rain at the start and at the finish of the parade. (Beautiful weather though- reminds me of home.) But the parade continued as planned, and we were the 86th in a line up of 110 floats.There were suppose to be about 100 people from our company there, but I think they got nervous because of the weather, so only about 15 showed up. Which meant that we didn't have enough people to carry signs, walk, and hand out 15,00 t-shirts and water bottles filled with candy.So we taped the signs to the van we used to carry the bottles and shirts, and Adam, being the WONDERFUL man he is, drove the van. I sat in the back and handed out bags full of t-shirts and bottles for everyone else to hand out to the crowd. By the end of the parade we were totally out of things to hand out, and people were SCREAMING for us to walk by.
It got really REALLY rainy at the end so everyone was running around but we still had a great time. And, we got rid of all the t-shirts! Yay for APX! Proof that everyone finds joy in a job they weren't sure they even liked anymore.

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