Monday, June 1, 2009

I am Grateful

Due to the much unliked Broadweave network, and because no one knows how to do their job, until today we have had no internet. I wonder how in the world I lived when I was a kid and there was no internet in the house. Adam and I LIVE on it.

One of my goals for this past week (I have made goals on working, eating, crafting, all areas of my life by week :) was to be grateful and find things in my life to say thank you for. So, instead of doing my top ten yay things for the week, this is solely the top ten things I am grateful for this moment.

1. Adam (of course he is on their first. I am grateful for everything about him!)
3. friends who understand the need for girly books that have nothing intelligent about them but are just fun romantic entertainment
4. chocolate pudding
5. two very good country stations
6. my family. They are all so sweet and funny I cannot get enough of them
7. friends who, unfortunatly for them, had their summer plans fall through, but fortunatly for me and Adam, are all coming to Utah in a matter of weeks to spend the rest of the summer with us!
8. My beautiful home
9. inspiring dreams. The ones that make you want to write
10. at home exercise videos. Sometimes I get a better work out than at the gym because I am only pushing msyself- not trying to be like everyone else.

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