Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Cinderella Pact

Anyone who has known me for more than a year has been a part of some weight loss epic moment in my life. Since... eighth grade I have struggled with weight and self image. So whether I am beginning a weight loss journey, on one, or ending one, most of my friends have had some part in it, in one way or another.

Since my illness in January I started to take weight loss into a whole new perspective. After hearing horror pregnancy stories and births from close friends, and even family, I realized in two years or so- that will be me. No more is shedding the pounds simply for the delightful feeling of handing jeans over the side of the dressing room door and asking the fitting room girl for one size smaller. Now it is actually about my health.

About a month ago I started to actually, though this sounds dramatic, change my life. The point is not to loose weight, but to be as healthy as I can be and to build those habits that I can carry with me for eternity. Healthy eating, cooking, snacking, indulging, exercising for fun, not for punishment. Feeling and thinking you are beautiful. Or to coin the title of this post and quote a book "unleashing the inner Cinderella." I am going to have enough problems when kids come with blood issues and health, I am NOT going to add to it with bad exercise and eating habits.

Anyways, all of this leads to a suggestion a friend of mine at work made about a book I had to read. Jeneesa and I share similar tastes in literature and practically everything else, (and I will miss her dreadfully in August when she leaves for Greece on a mission,) and she said this book, The Cinderella Pact, was her very favorite, and I should give it a try.

I am IN LOVE with this book. In love with this book like I am in love with chocolate, England, and Anne of Green Gables. It is the American-ized, none journalized version of Bridget Jone's Diaries. AKA: fall off your chair, multiple snorts funny. It is corny, girly, and every bit the type of novel I would love to write, and that everyone tells me would never get published. Rich charming tall men, fast cars, love, and it drops names like "Donna Karan" expecting its readers to know what that means without explanation.

Even with all these aspects that would make me love it no matter what, the book is brilliant in its discussion of women. It talks about self image, how we view men and how they view us, how we view models, other women, friends and family. The premise of the book is a 200 pound women who makes a pact with her friends to loose weight. And it handles all the ways to do it- surgery, weight watchers, personal trainers. It makes you think about yourself, how you live, and how you view yourself. And NOT just from the perspective of shedding some pounds.

My favorite part is that all through it, they discuss that we are as much what we think we are, as how we look, and how by thinking we are something, or giving ourselves the chance to believe that we may actually get to go to the ball, just this once, that we might ACTUALLY get to go. Plus, it makes you love the Cinderella story all the more.

Maybe I just love it because I am jealous that I didn't write it, and because I wish I had. Maybe it gives me faith to write my own type of book like it. Or maybe I am right, and it is just one of the most truthful, down to earth, yet heartwarming and funny books I have ever read. Read it and let me know which one :)


  1. I"m reserving it as we speak. :)

  2. Hey I just finished a book that I just know that you will love! It is called "These is my words" It is a great love story and a nice little house on the prairie setting. It reminded me of you. Thanks for the book recommendations.

  3. I just finished the book too, and felt somewhat comforted that so much of what I have struggled with has not been as lonely a battle as I had thought. That there are women out there who can really understand what it means to walk around hating yourself and feeling like a waste of a pretty face...
    Hopefully it should serve as an inspiration to us in our journey to loving ourselves even with the imperfections...