Sunday, June 21, 2009

Top Ten Dedicated to Jair

Jairus, one of my bestest friends ever, was actually the one who got me hooked on doing the top ten thing, and since I actually got to talk to him this week, I just wanted to make sure he made it onto the blog :)

So the very obvious number 1: Talking to Jairus! Who, by the way, just got a job in New York on 5th Avenue! And might be working for Oscar DeLa Renta next summer. We are very happy, and a little jealous of him.
2. That I have found 3 fat free healthy recipies Adam actually LIKES, and all this healthy food eating is paying off! I feel great. And I will have to post some of these recipies becasue I mean it, they are GOOD!
3. Getting my hair done. I got so tired of my awful ends that I went and got it cut yesterday and the lady added ADORABLE bangs. I will have to take some pictures because they are SO cute.
4. Sugarland. One of my new favorite bands, and they have a song called Already Gone that get stuck in my head constantly, but not one of the bad stuck in your heads. I love singing it.
5. We get to go on vacation this week and see Adam's family! Heavens, I am just excited to get out of the house, but a trip with Adam and Amy will be SO FUN! And the Sunday we come back, my mom and sisters are coming in which will be even MORE fun.
6. Adam's perspective on things. He has such a way of idnoring the pettyness in most situations and seeing the things that are important. He always puts my mind in the right place.
7. The rain. If you are in Utah right now you hate it, but usually by this time in the summer I spend my extra time nakes in front of a fan it is just so dang hot out. All the rain has kept things a perfect temperature, a color similar to green, and reminds me of how home smells. I am glad Adam and I are both in agreement that we need to live somewhere wet when we grow-up.
8. Grocery shopping really early. Try it. I go at like- 9. The store clerks look at me weird when I walk in, but it is the best! The only time to actually go shopping I say.
9. The movie up. I SOBBED the first ten minutes and laughed through the rest. We actually went and saw it 3-D style, but if you get sick easily I wouldn't suggest it. But it is the BEST movie Pixar and Disney have made yet. You will love it.
10. Being a girl. Because otherwise I couldn't get so excited about flowers and pedicures, and hair cuts and I love loving that stuff. Looking good in front of my friends means a new hair style, or a soft heart. Not how much I can bench press.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Cinderella Pact

Anyone who has known me for more than a year has been a part of some weight loss epic moment in my life. Since... eighth grade I have struggled with weight and self image. So whether I am beginning a weight loss journey, on one, or ending one, most of my friends have had some part in it, in one way or another.

Since my illness in January I started to take weight loss into a whole new perspective. After hearing horror pregnancy stories and births from close friends, and even family, I realized in two years or so- that will be me. No more is shedding the pounds simply for the delightful feeling of handing jeans over the side of the dressing room door and asking the fitting room girl for one size smaller. Now it is actually about my health.

About a month ago I started to actually, though this sounds dramatic, change my life. The point is not to loose weight, but to be as healthy as I can be and to build those habits that I can carry with me for eternity. Healthy eating, cooking, snacking, indulging, exercising for fun, not for punishment. Feeling and thinking you are beautiful. Or to coin the title of this post and quote a book "unleashing the inner Cinderella." I am going to have enough problems when kids come with blood issues and health, I am NOT going to add to it with bad exercise and eating habits.

Anyways, all of this leads to a suggestion a friend of mine at work made about a book I had to read. Jeneesa and I share similar tastes in literature and practically everything else, (and I will miss her dreadfully in August when she leaves for Greece on a mission,) and she said this book, The Cinderella Pact, was her very favorite, and I should give it a try.

I am IN LOVE with this book. In love with this book like I am in love with chocolate, England, and Anne of Green Gables. It is the American-ized, none journalized version of Bridget Jone's Diaries. AKA: fall off your chair, multiple snorts funny. It is corny, girly, and every bit the type of novel I would love to write, and that everyone tells me would never get published. Rich charming tall men, fast cars, love, and it drops names like "Donna Karan" expecting its readers to know what that means without explanation.

Even with all these aspects that would make me love it no matter what, the book is brilliant in its discussion of women. It talks about self image, how we view men and how they view us, how we view models, other women, friends and family. The premise of the book is a 200 pound women who makes a pact with her friends to loose weight. And it handles all the ways to do it- surgery, weight watchers, personal trainers. It makes you think about yourself, how you live, and how you view yourself. And NOT just from the perspective of shedding some pounds.

My favorite part is that all through it, they discuss that we are as much what we think we are, as how we look, and how by thinking we are something, or giving ourselves the chance to believe that we may actually get to go to the ball, just this once, that we might ACTUALLY get to go. Plus, it makes you love the Cinderella story all the more.

Maybe I just love it because I am jealous that I didn't write it, and because I wish I had. Maybe it gives me faith to write my own type of book like it. Or maybe I am right, and it is just one of the most truthful, down to earth, yet heartwarming and funny books I have ever read. Read it and let me know which one :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summerfest Parade

At work I am part of a group called the Employee Roundtable. They take one person from each department, put them together and they plan activities, etc. One of the things that they decided to plan this summer was parades. And seeing as I was the ONLY person who had ever been in a parade, I got the job of planning them.It turned out to be A LOT of work. But also a lot of fun. This past Saturday we went to the Summerfest Parade. It was rather crazy because there were HUGE thunderstorms that day including lightning, so we thought it was going to be canceled. And it started to rain at the start and at the finish of the parade. (Beautiful weather though- reminds me of home.) But the parade continued as planned, and we were the 86th in a line up of 110 floats.There were suppose to be about 100 people from our company there, but I think they got nervous because of the weather, so only about 15 showed up. Which meant that we didn't have enough people to carry signs, walk, and hand out 15,00 t-shirts and water bottles filled with candy.So we taped the signs to the van we used to carry the bottles and shirts, and Adam, being the WONDERFUL man he is, drove the van. I sat in the back and handed out bags full of t-shirts and bottles for everyone else to hand out to the crowd. By the end of the parade we were totally out of things to hand out, and people were SCREAMING for us to walk by.
It got really REALLY rainy at the end so everyone was running around but we still had a great time. And, we got rid of all the t-shirts! Yay for APX! Proof that everyone finds joy in a job they weren't sure they even liked anymore.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Up Date

I have been long and lean in my blogging because.... well a combination of busy and VERY lazy. So, for some quick updated facts on our life instead of a top ten.

1. I am back to being a brunette! (Thanks to GREAT friends who can give hair dying tutorials over the phone.) When I was wearing my glasses today and playing on my computer Adam and I decided that all I needed was a black T-shirt from an alternative band no one has heard of, and my English skinny jeans and I could be emo.
2. Work had been hard. Despite my post last week, and I AM still grateful for my job, but they got rid of the training department so since there are no more Team Lead positions I am at the bottom. It's been REALLY hard. The shift is in the evening now which should be nice for Adam though. And now I can force him to drive me :)
3. We have cycled through all of our TV show episodes and are back to Friends, after Scrubs and Seinfeld etc. LOVE LOVE LOVE friends. Adam loves Monica and I love Chandler.
4. Most of our friends who left for the summer are coming back with-in the next few weeks. I am really excited to "talk about their feelings" and discuss Twilight. (One of Adam's buddies texted me to tell me he read the 3rd book in a day and a half. LOVE it all!)
5. Adam and I have healthy eating goals and each week we give ourselves a prize. I got mani's and pedi's this week, and next week we are going on a tandem bike ride to Provo lake. I am very excited about that.
6. At the end of the month we are going to Colorado to visit Adam's family.
7. At the end of August we might go to Oregon to camp and see MY family.
8. Otherwise... we sleep in, play games, go to work, watch TV... we played Disney Pixar Monopoly last week which was REALLY fun. Adam won. Of course.
9. We still love our new apartment more than any other we have lived in yet. Which is only two previous, but still. And yes, I have STILL to get all the pictures on the wall, which is why I dont have many pictures of the new place up here. But we love it!

Yay for our not very exciting lives! :) That is what the summer is all about though. We are suppose to do NOTHING that way we are ready for the fall, MCATs, Med School apps, book finishing etc. Which is why we LOVE it!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I am Grateful

Due to the much unliked Broadweave network, and because no one knows how to do their job, until today we have had no internet. I wonder how in the world I lived when I was a kid and there was no internet in the house. Adam and I LIVE on it.

One of my goals for this past week (I have made goals on working, eating, crafting, all areas of my life by week :) was to be grateful and find things in my life to say thank you for. So, instead of doing my top ten yay things for the week, this is solely the top ten things I am grateful for this moment.

1. Adam (of course he is on their first. I am grateful for everything about him!)
3. friends who understand the need for girly books that have nothing intelligent about them but are just fun romantic entertainment
4. chocolate pudding
5. two very good country stations
6. my family. They are all so sweet and funny I cannot get enough of them
7. friends who, unfortunatly for them, had their summer plans fall through, but fortunatly for me and Adam, are all coming to Utah in a matter of weeks to spend the rest of the summer with us!
8. My beautiful home
9. inspiring dreams. The ones that make you want to write
10. at home exercise videos. Sometimes I get a better work out than at the gym because I am only pushing msyself- not trying to be like everyone else.