Friday, May 15, 2009

Tye Dye Day

At work I am part of a corporate events planning team and one of the things we planned for this summer is Friday Dress-Up days. Every Friday everyone who wants to dresses up in the outfit for the week, and the planning team votes on them and decides the best. The first week of the summer we did Tacky Outfit day, so extending the ugly sweater idea to the whole outfit. And last week we did APX week. This week, seeing as I got a large say in what the weeks were, was Tye Dye week.

And anyone who knows me at all, knows that if I was liable to win that contest, I had it IN the bag. No one beats Sarah Moeck in Tye-Dye.

Every Friday I spend two hours going around to all of the departments and taking pictures of everyone dressed up. In my department we have been unusually slow in the mornings, and so the people who come in at the same time as me, haven't been able to stay for a single shift the entire summer so far. So I gave them the picture job today so I could do some trainings, and they could get some extra hours.
More than I loved the pictures of everyone's outfit that they brought to me, I loved the OTHER pictures I found on my camera. There is something about a camera that makes you act, and do funny things that you normally wouldn't. Especially if you are the one taking the pictures. So I am posting this as joyful proof that no matter how old people get, no matter how real life gets, no one ever grows up all the way. And I feel horrible for the one or two who might.
Otherwise, I put them up here because you are not allowed to tell your co-worker you love them in a work setting, but here I can say that even with all the things I hate about my job, and all the things that annoy me about it, I get up early every morning, and try my hardest to do my job, because of these people. I LOVE my co-workers.

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