Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top Ten

Nice that after my bitter diatribe over kids yesterday, that today is my day to out down something nice. :)

1. Adam. It's been a hard week for the both of us, but when I came home from work on Friday he had vacuumed, mopped, done dishes, the laundry, and taken out the trash. The house looks amazing! And he is more than amazing.
2. Good friends. When things go wrong sometimes you need someone to talk to other than your spouse and having someone there to listen and make you feel better no matter the situation is worth millions.
3. Friends. (The TV show this time :) I believe its better than background music.
4. That fruit and veggies are so cheap right now. I spent all of winter complaining about their price and now I am buying out stores in produce and filling my fridge!
5. Girls day out. A bunch of my girl friends from work and I went and got huge salads on Wednesday and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic at the cheapie theater. I had seen it before but that movie is a constant re-watcher. It was just nice to have some female time! It makes me hope when I am 30 and have kids that I have at least 2 that are girls.
6. This one is vain but.... that I don't need lots of make-up. Especially in the summer when tan skin can cover most blemishes. I went to work yesterday with make-up on for the first time in weeks, and everyone wanted to know what I did different with it and were shocked to find that I had just put it on. Love summer!
7. And with the above- DIOR make-up. It's expensive, but it lasts, and it looks so natural when you wear it.... plus they have this great cover-up moisturizer that I love.
8. Long hair. Mine is finally getting to the point I can braid it yay!
9. Choosing your own work hours. I don't get to, but Adam does and it makes it so incrediably nice if something has to be done at a certain time, or if I just want him home when I get home. And I know he loves the freedom too.
10. Finding out that some things just aren't as fattening as you thought they were. Like homemade snickerdoodles. One batch can make 60 cookies and they are really mostly flour as it is. But darn it all they taste so good!! Two or three are about as fattening as a chocolate bar though. So its nice to be able to sneak one a day and not feel guilty.

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