Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top Ten

What a good week!

1. WOLVERINE!!! Amazing, amazing, amazing! I can't tell you how incredibly good it was. Now I want them to re-do the rest, and am even MORE excited about naming my first son Logan
2. work parties- I like the sun, the food, and I get paid to party. Love it all!
3. Seinfeld. Why didn't I listen to people earlier about how great it is?
4. craft shopping. I think it really is more fun than shopping for clothes.
5. Free clothes. I don't care if it is something many people wouldn't wear, if it is free, I take it, and I wear it. Like at my work party. I even make Adam get one in a size I can wear so I can have two.
6. We do funny dress up days at work- and I get to plan it! I love taking all the pictures etc.
7. The University theater. WOW. That's all I have to say. The seats ROCK. No joke.
8. Dirty Dancing Havanna Nights. And the old one.
9. Anything with Amanda Bines. I don't care if you dont like her, I do, and I love her with a greta love.
10. Free KFC! Thank you Oprah!


  1. Funny- OUR first son's name is Logan as well, but not for X-men, I guess that is an added bonus though! and I too love Dirty Dancing Havana Nights... AND am in love with Amanda Bynes! What the heck Sarah!?

  2. Wolverine has to be the best of the X-Men by far so Logan would be a good name.
    You liked dress up as a litle girl so it is no surprise that you like it now. might be like coffee and aquired taste (maybe a bad example for you. Your comment about not likeing eggs made me laugh because your mom has hated them her entire life.
    Sorry we missed the free KFC. Cars then chicken, what won't Oprah give away?
    Oh, this is your Uncle Lee by the way. It was fun catching up on your life and what you and Adam are doing.
    Congrats on finishing your work at BYU! I am sure you are a terrific author and will achieve great things.
    Maybe we can convince your parents to come out this way and we can have a family get together.

    Take care