Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top Ten

Well, it's been a CRAZY week. Adam and I moved into our new apartment this week, and have been busy getting things transferred over and getting everything organized. So I will post on our new place later but for now I wanted to get my top ten things for our week here.

2. the picture Becky made me that is in my living room. It makes me happy to look at it.
3. A good job that makes the money.
4. Coke. Coke coke, I love it love it.
5. peanut butter toast with chocolate chips on it
6. That we don't hear anything from our new neighbors upstairs when we try to sleep
7. That work is EARLY so I get to do lots in the afternoon.
8. Scrabble! Adam and I played it all Saturday morning and we got really into it.
9. Car washes. We never use them in Oregon because it rains too much and here usually it snows so much. But in the summer I'm amazed what ten minutes through a wash can do to my ugly car. And their fun to watch from the inside.
10. Warren Miller. His movies are INSANE.

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