Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Name

I went out with a bunch of old friends the other day (going to leave that one for a separate post) and we were talking about our blogs and I felt HORRID for letting mine lie for so long. I have so much to say and I never take the time to sit and say it!

One of the things that I have seen people doing is posting all about the cute and craftsy things that they do. I know that makes me seem like a silly homemaker- but I am, and it makes me happy to do little craftsy things :) I have a goal to do one a week. So now I am going to start blogging about them!

Today I am actually blogging about my best friend in the whole wide world, and a craft that she made for me for my graduation. Take it into account that Becky is studying photography, and is AMAZING at it, but I think this is something anyone can do with a creative mind and a nice camera.

I have to apologize for the glare in the picture, but what she did is she took her camera and when she was out walking, hiking etc, she would find different letters- like the K if you notice in the end of the frame is one she found carved in a tree and etc. She has said it has become a certain habit of hers to look to letters now when she is out.

But using them, she spelled out my last name, then put it in a neat modern frame. She said she did the same things for her and her husband, and (her...cousin?) a relation on her husbands side did the same thing. It makes a very personal and ADORABLE addition to a wall. I used to it to decorate Adam and mines bedroom and I put pictures of our wedding, Freshman year together, the temple, a poem that Becky made for me (she made a significant contribution to the wall :) all around it. Adam calls it our shrine to us :) But its a very nice decorative addition to the wall I think.

Anyways, that's what I have for this week :) I have become new house decorating obsessed so be prepared. Also- randomly- here is the latest picture of Adam and I. It was after a fun trip to Yo Zone which is my new favorite for the week. I had to put it on because my hair is back to the super long stage and I have forgotten how to deal with long hair. Its almost annoying me. But it looks cute so I keep it.

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  1. Oh Sarahray!!! I love that you love your photos. And you did such a cute job decorating. I can't believe you still have that poem. hahaha!!! You are so cute! Man I wish we can live close, I miss you!!! I want to share decorating ideas and have our kids play together. I love you!!!!