Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Men and Women

Adam and I are celebrating the 18th month anniversary of our marriage today. We have successfully made it to the nursery stage of our relationship. Which means while we still have to have our parents in the stall with us while we pee, to make sure we don't fall in the toilet seat, we know that crayons are for coloring and not eating, and we can sing, Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam with gusto.

In my experience with marriage, what I have learned the most is that men and women are very similar, despite my previous ideas that we are complete opposite species. (Women following in the creation story of Genesis, Men following Darwin's theory of Human Evolution.) Over these 18 months I have realized that men and women are more androgynous than anything. Men can be emotional and sensitive, women can be egotistical and competitive.

Despite my new Virginia Woolfian way of thinking, every once and a while there are subtle reminders to the great difference between the sexes. For example. We were talking about restaurants the other day at work. Adam and I went and saw Wolverine yesterday (AMAZING. Those of you who thing the story line is corny are IODIOTS and have no idea what the comics are about) and then my sister-in-law treated us to Macaroni Grill. Yum.

At work we were discussing fat free and low calorie menu items. When I see an item that says "Low cal" or "Fat free" though I may have glanced over it earlier, I now look at it in detail, wondering if it is worth the money, what spices it has in it to make it taste good etc. Then I go through the intense mental debate if I should order it. It is healthier. It is better for me. Though I rarely actaully choose it, I consider it more than many other items becasue I think I should eat it. (The lure of butter drenched something always wins out.)

One of my masculine freinds in the office said something very different. He said he wished they would never add "Low cal" or "fat free" to the options, because then if he had been considering it, he stops and moves on. He said: "Fat free just means another meal that I won't eat."

Not androgynous. By any means.

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