Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Craft Day!!

Tuesday is my day off from work, so it usually works out to be cleaning day, laundry day, and craft day all rolled into one. Adam still goes into work so I have A LOT of time to myself.

Anyways, this is a craft I did to incorporate art work into my walls, without spending a lot of money. I actually wasn't going to post about it but my neighbor liked it so much that I decided that I would.

This first batch I did for my living room wall. Adam and mines apartment is REALLY modern in paint color. The living room is lime green, and a burgundy purple, with a sparkle paint on top. I usually like more of a calm color, but I LOVE this. I just had to find a way to work both colors in together. So, I used oak colored furniture on both sides of the room, gold picture frames, and then I made this art to kind of tie in the green, the purple, and then the light blue of our bedroom.Nothing could be easier to make. I went to the craft store and got cork board tiles (they are sold in packs of four.) In my bedroom I used painters canvas's. They are better because they don't suck up hodge podge as much as cork board will, but they are also a little more spendy, so if you go that route go to Wal Mart to get them, and not a craft store.Then I found scrap book paper that matched the colors of the rooms, trying to incorporate them together. I hodge podged the scrap book paper to the cork (if you dont want to spend the money on Hodge podge, which I didn't, you can mix Elmers glue with water. Works just as well.) After I let it dry I added some stick on jewels for some glitz, and some sparkle paint. Then I DRY BRUSHED on paint for the edge to give it more of a framed look. You can make it smooth looking, but I liked the more used rustic look, so that's why I used the dry brush.

Like I said, REAL easy. I just nailed them to the wall. The dark brown squares in the livingroom are actually wall pops. You can buy them at places like Lowes, or funny enough, the BYU book store. They have all kinds of shapes and colors. They are suppose to be like wall paper, except they are really more like big stickers so when you take them off, you don't loose paint and it doesn't ruin the walls. They are made especially for places your renting or dorm rooms and the such.I'm hoping to get one or two more for my bedroom, so they go the whole length of them bed, and look kind of like a head board, since we dont have one. That idea would work a lot better if I used two or three rows of frames, but we dont have room because of the window.Anyways, if you need cheap art, try it out. I have seen people do the same thing with pictures of flowers, their family etc. I used scrapbook paper for a modern look, but you can use anything you want to display and it looks SUPER cute.


  1. Super cute sarah! Isn't it weird that we love to decorate our homes. We are such mormons...I love it!!!!

  2. Very cute! I'm so impressed. I love crafty stuff...

  3. sarah this is fabulous! I like the idea of using pictures of flowers too. If I had a better camera I would blow some up and do it, but the scrapbook paper idea is so cute too. I'm actually horrible at crafts like this because I overanalyze which papers actually match. And yet I will probably still try it. :o) Love!!

  4. So cute! I'm in awe of this! LOVE IT.