Sunday, May 24, 2009

Top Ten

Nice that after my bitter diatribe over kids yesterday, that today is my day to out down something nice. :)

1. Adam. It's been a hard week for the both of us, but when I came home from work on Friday he had vacuumed, mopped, done dishes, the laundry, and taken out the trash. The house looks amazing! And he is more than amazing.
2. Good friends. When things go wrong sometimes you need someone to talk to other than your spouse and having someone there to listen and make you feel better no matter the situation is worth millions.
3. Friends. (The TV show this time :) I believe its better than background music.
4. That fruit and veggies are so cheap right now. I spent all of winter complaining about their price and now I am buying out stores in produce and filling my fridge!
5. Girls day out. A bunch of my girl friends from work and I went and got huge salads on Wednesday and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic at the cheapie theater. I had seen it before but that movie is a constant re-watcher. It was just nice to have some female time! It makes me hope when I am 30 and have kids that I have at least 2 that are girls.
6. This one is vain but.... that I don't need lots of make-up. Especially in the summer when tan skin can cover most blemishes. I went to work yesterday with make-up on for the first time in weeks, and everyone wanted to know what I did different with it and were shocked to find that I had just put it on. Love summer!
7. And with the above- DIOR make-up. It's expensive, but it lasts, and it looks so natural when you wear it.... plus they have this great cover-up moisturizer that I love.
8. Long hair. Mine is finally getting to the point I can braid it yay!
9. Choosing your own work hours. I don't get to, but Adam does and it makes it so incrediably nice if something has to be done at a certain time, or if I just want him home when I get home. And I know he loves the freedom too.
10. Finding out that some things just aren't as fattening as you thought they were. Like homemade snickerdoodles. One batch can make 60 cookies and they are really mostly flour as it is. But darn it all they taste so good!! Two or three are about as fattening as a chocolate bar though. So its nice to be able to sneak one a day and not feel guilty.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Moeck's are NEVER Having Kids

People used to tell me that getting called to nursery was the best kind of birth control. I never felt that way, or thought that way until now. Adam and I recently got called to the temple committee in our ward, which we were very excited about because we get to do it together, we are NOT teaching CTR 5, and we would make the effort to go to the temple more.

So this Friday there was a ward temple trip, and we were asked by the committee chair to help with the "child care". (I called it babysitting which apparently is very taboo.) There were four adults, and 30 kids. Shouldn't be that big of a deal. When I was younger I used to watch 10 kids on my own. Kids are great when they play together.

Rephrase, kids are great when they play together and they have taught to be well behaved, they are not sick, and your committee chair doesn't distract them when they are all quiet. We had a parent who dropped off her son who couldn't have even been nursery age yet, and told us as she did that he was running a high fever. He threw-up hot dogs and eggs twice. The chair cleaned him up, and the toys he threw up on I just tossed out. I don't care if they were the churches- if there is no bleach to scour them they get trashed. He then passed out on the floor.

We had a baby who refused to NOT cry unless you held him in your arms, facing outwards, and walked around. Every time I sat he would scream. So, he spent a lot of time on the floor, on is blanket, crying. I'm sorry, but when you have thirty kids I can't spent the entire five hours holding one. (Oh yes- we were there from 5:45 to 10:15 at night.)

We had two twelve year old kids who hated me by the end of the night because I wouldn't let them play on the stage. In all reality I didn't mind if they did- they could have been making out in the back and I wouldn't care. But when they climbed all the little two and three year olds wanted to and if they fell off when I turned my head... exactly. LAW SUIT. I never fancied myself a yeller but how many times I yelled at them to GET DOWN I just may turn out to be one.

We had another little boy who walked out of the building constantly if he didn't get his way, another girl who shared her popcorn and cracker treats which she wasn't suppose to get into, strewing them ALL OVER the cultural hall and causing crying kids who didn't get as much as they wanted. Another boy fell asleep spread eagle on the gym floor, one girl went to the bathroom every fifteen minutes, two brothers decided to play in the water fountain and go soaked, and one girl almost pulled down my pants.

Then when we finally got them settled into chairs and on the floor, quiet, calm, watching Nanny McFee, Adam and I had picked up puting away legos, crayons, balls, food etc. We sat down, me holding the baby of course for breathe, when the chair pulls out chalk and the chalkboards and says, "Hey kids, lets play a game!" then ran SCREAMING to the gym. And then, she left them there! She walked out and isappeared for 20 minutes! So Adam and I were BACK to garding the stage, watching out for puke, and making sure no one killed the others.

To top it off, when the parents came back to have treats, the only other couple in the ward without kids who we are friends with, and who happen to be in primary looked around the room and said, "That kids parents weren't at the temple. Neither were that kid's." That's right- people dropped their kids off for a free date night.

Now, in my ward back at home, when parents go to the temple the young women run the nursery for service hours so ALL the parents can go. Any other time, they get paid to babysit. I wanted to walk up to those parents and demand 30 bucks from each of them I was so mad.

Now to be fair, there was one girl who was the sweetest thing in the world. Every time I told her no she would hug me to respond, then NOT do the thing I told her not to do, and every time her brother cried she would help him out. I told her mother I loved her. And the boy who was sick Adam had bonded with only becasue he didn't climb on anything, didnt cry, or scream. Of course, he did throw-up everywhere.

The rest of the evening, after the kids and parenst left and we got to go home, wasn't so bad. We got home around ten thirty and then stayed up watching Friends and dinking around on our computers for most hours of the night.

But heavens, I dont think I have ever had such a concenration of misbehaved kids all in one room before. I dont care if I'm not their mom. MY mom taught us that we act BETTER outside of home than inside otherwise we were in trouble. It's like the kids that are running around the grocery store. In my family shopping was a privelage, and if you wanted to live through the experience, you DID NOT misbehave.

Anyways, if the Lord was trying to tell us that right now is not our time for kids, we most definitly got the picture. Maybe when I'm thirty we'll think about it again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

England England England

So I always get ansy at this time of year because two years ago, when I got ansy in the spring I actually did something about it and I went to England. Now, every time my skin starts to crawl and I want to get out, nothing seems as good as that beautiful, green and pleasant land.

Anyways, our teacher sent all the people who went last year the link to the blog for the group who is out there THIS year. And on that page, I found the link to the blog to OUR trip. Anyways, I added it it my blog list under england girls. Its titled- My England Trip, the Green and Pleasant Land.

It was the most fun I have had in a long while reading it, looking back over pictures of all the fun things I did. It was funny to see how I let my hair go- it was so short! Anyways, if you are bored, look at it, read it, it is wonderful.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Craft Day!!

Tuesday is my day off from work, so it usually works out to be cleaning day, laundry day, and craft day all rolled into one. Adam still goes into work so I have A LOT of time to myself.

Anyways, this is a craft I did to incorporate art work into my walls, without spending a lot of money. I actually wasn't going to post about it but my neighbor liked it so much that I decided that I would.

This first batch I did for my living room wall. Adam and mines apartment is REALLY modern in paint color. The living room is lime green, and a burgundy purple, with a sparkle paint on top. I usually like more of a calm color, but I LOVE this. I just had to find a way to work both colors in together. So, I used oak colored furniture on both sides of the room, gold picture frames, and then I made this art to kind of tie in the green, the purple, and then the light blue of our bedroom.Nothing could be easier to make. I went to the craft store and got cork board tiles (they are sold in packs of four.) In my bedroom I used painters canvas's. They are better because they don't suck up hodge podge as much as cork board will, but they are also a little more spendy, so if you go that route go to Wal Mart to get them, and not a craft store.Then I found scrap book paper that matched the colors of the rooms, trying to incorporate them together. I hodge podged the scrap book paper to the cork (if you dont want to spend the money on Hodge podge, which I didn't, you can mix Elmers glue with water. Works just as well.) After I let it dry I added some stick on jewels for some glitz, and some sparkle paint. Then I DRY BRUSHED on paint for the edge to give it more of a framed look. You can make it smooth looking, but I liked the more used rustic look, so that's why I used the dry brush.

Like I said, REAL easy. I just nailed them to the wall. The dark brown squares in the livingroom are actually wall pops. You can buy them at places like Lowes, or funny enough, the BYU book store. They have all kinds of shapes and colors. They are suppose to be like wall paper, except they are really more like big stickers so when you take them off, you don't loose paint and it doesn't ruin the walls. They are made especially for places your renting or dorm rooms and the such.I'm hoping to get one or two more for my bedroom, so they go the whole length of them bed, and look kind of like a head board, since we dont have one. That idea would work a lot better if I used two or three rows of frames, but we dont have room because of the window.Anyways, if you need cheap art, try it out. I have seen people do the same thing with pictures of flowers, their family etc. I used scrapbook paper for a modern look, but you can use anything you want to display and it looks SUPER cute.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Portland in Utah

Each city a person lives in has its own... unique feel. I can't say special because sometimes we don't see the special parts of the city. I have a REAL hard time finding the beauty in Provo sometimes.

On Saturday mornings since I don't have to work early, Adam and I usually sit in the living room and do nothing. Watch a movie, play Scrabble, take long showers, relax etc. This past Saturday I decided to take our puppy for a walk, so we both could get a little extra exercise. And right by our house is a park and I discovered as I was walking the dog, that every Saturday morning during the summer it holds a Farmers Market.

It was an amazing day, the ground green and the air didn't smell like dust. It was clear and warm but not hot. There were white tents lining the sidewalks in the park, people practicing rock climbing in the tree branches. One man was sitting in the picnic table area playing his guitar, and women with their kids were painting faces in the grass.

The booths were displaying anything homemade or crafted that could be found. Homemade brooms, home grown plants, jewelry from necklaces, earrings, bracelets. There were handbags and aprons and table cloths, hair bows, headbands, ribbons. There were tons of people with their kids, their someone, their dogs. Fatjona was making friends with animals who could eat her in three bites.

There was a man making fresh cotton candy, and tons of tents full of food from Mexican, to pastries, drinks, and hot dogs. It reminded me of the Saturday's Markets I used to go to with my friends in down town Portland. During Saturday's Market there were painters under the bridge, people in short shorts and Tye-dye, and always enough food that you could hardly recognize the smells of marijuana underneath it all.

Of all the things that I never thought I would miss, the Saturday's Market was definitely one of them. I think the longer I am from home the more I miss home and everything about it. I miss the people in their homemade clothes, their pets, their talents. Yes, I even miss the smell of weed sometimes.

There is so much life teeming in Portland. I think after years of living in a community like Provo, I became blind to anything outside of BYU college life. I think my favorite part of being at the Farmers Market that day wasn't because I was reminded of home, though that was a factor. It was because I saw a life and a world that was so familiar to me, yet all its own at the same time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Top Ten

1. Adam waking up in the middle of the night worried about Newman from Seinfeld doing stuff to our house.
2. Eggs. Usually I don't like them, but for some reason this week I have been in love with omelets and fried eggs on toast.
3. Seeing Portland in Provo, for the first time ever. (Yesterday, another post)
4. How cute my puppy is when she is panting
5. The Boelyn books. The ones about Henry the 8th's queens. They are hard to read because I feel so bad for these women, but I can't get enough of these books.
6. The people I work with. I mentioned it in my other post, but I had to mention it again after working last night, because they are funny and I love them!
7. The new big headband fad. Looks cute actually
8. Lemon in water. YUM!
9. The Princess Diaries, and the Princess Diaries 2. I love all corny movies like that SO VERY much. Adam was rolling his eyes as I almost started to cry at the end. Pathetic on my part.
10. A shower with A LOT of water pressure. We have to be careful with our new one otherwise it hurts there is so much water pressure.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tye Dye Day

At work I am part of a corporate events planning team and one of the things we planned for this summer is Friday Dress-Up days. Every Friday everyone who wants to dresses up in the outfit for the week, and the planning team votes on them and decides the best. The first week of the summer we did Tacky Outfit day, so extending the ugly sweater idea to the whole outfit. And last week we did APX week. This week, seeing as I got a large say in what the weeks were, was Tye Dye week.

And anyone who knows me at all, knows that if I was liable to win that contest, I had it IN the bag. No one beats Sarah Moeck in Tye-Dye.

Every Friday I spend two hours going around to all of the departments and taking pictures of everyone dressed up. In my department we have been unusually slow in the mornings, and so the people who come in at the same time as me, haven't been able to stay for a single shift the entire summer so far. So I gave them the picture job today so I could do some trainings, and they could get some extra hours.
More than I loved the pictures of everyone's outfit that they brought to me, I loved the OTHER pictures I found on my camera. There is something about a camera that makes you act, and do funny things that you normally wouldn't. Especially if you are the one taking the pictures. So I am posting this as joyful proof that no matter how old people get, no matter how real life gets, no one ever grows up all the way. And I feel horrible for the one or two who might.
Otherwise, I put them up here because you are not allowed to tell your co-worker you love them in a work setting, but here I can say that even with all the things I hate about my job, and all the things that annoy me about it, I get up early every morning, and try my hardest to do my job, because of these people. I LOVE my co-workers.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Name

I went out with a bunch of old friends the other day (going to leave that one for a separate post) and we were talking about our blogs and I felt HORRID for letting mine lie for so long. I have so much to say and I never take the time to sit and say it!

One of the things that I have seen people doing is posting all about the cute and craftsy things that they do. I know that makes me seem like a silly homemaker- but I am, and it makes me happy to do little craftsy things :) I have a goal to do one a week. So now I am going to start blogging about them!

Today I am actually blogging about my best friend in the whole wide world, and a craft that she made for me for my graduation. Take it into account that Becky is studying photography, and is AMAZING at it, but I think this is something anyone can do with a creative mind and a nice camera.

I have to apologize for the glare in the picture, but what she did is she took her camera and when she was out walking, hiking etc, she would find different letters- like the K if you notice in the end of the frame is one she found carved in a tree and etc. She has said it has become a certain habit of hers to look to letters now when she is out.

But using them, she spelled out my last name, then put it in a neat modern frame. She said she did the same things for her and her husband, and (her...cousin?) a relation on her husbands side did the same thing. It makes a very personal and ADORABLE addition to a wall. I used to it to decorate Adam and mines bedroom and I put pictures of our wedding, Freshman year together, the temple, a poem that Becky made for me (she made a significant contribution to the wall :) all around it. Adam calls it our shrine to us :) But its a very nice decorative addition to the wall I think.

Anyways, that's what I have for this week :) I have become new house decorating obsessed so be prepared. Also- randomly- here is the latest picture of Adam and I. It was after a fun trip to Yo Zone which is my new favorite for the week. I had to put it on because my hair is back to the super long stage and I have forgotten how to deal with long hair. Its almost annoying me. But it looks cute so I keep it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top Ten

What a good week!

1. WOLVERINE!!! Amazing, amazing, amazing! I can't tell you how incredibly good it was. Now I want them to re-do the rest, and am even MORE excited about naming my first son Logan
2. work parties- I like the sun, the food, and I get paid to party. Love it all!
3. Seinfeld. Why didn't I listen to people earlier about how great it is?
4. craft shopping. I think it really is more fun than shopping for clothes.
5. Free clothes. I don't care if it is something many people wouldn't wear, if it is free, I take it, and I wear it. Like at my work party. I even make Adam get one in a size I can wear so I can have two.
6. We do funny dress up days at work- and I get to plan it! I love taking all the pictures etc.
7. The University theater. WOW. That's all I have to say. The seats ROCK. No joke.
8. Dirty Dancing Havanna Nights. And the old one.
9. Anything with Amanda Bines. I don't care if you dont like her, I do, and I love her with a greta love.
10. Free KFC! Thank you Oprah!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Men and Women

Adam and I are celebrating the 18th month anniversary of our marriage today. We have successfully made it to the nursery stage of our relationship. Which means while we still have to have our parents in the stall with us while we pee, to make sure we don't fall in the toilet seat, we know that crayons are for coloring and not eating, and we can sing, Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam with gusto.

In my experience with marriage, what I have learned the most is that men and women are very similar, despite my previous ideas that we are complete opposite species. (Women following in the creation story of Genesis, Men following Darwin's theory of Human Evolution.) Over these 18 months I have realized that men and women are more androgynous than anything. Men can be emotional and sensitive, women can be egotistical and competitive.

Despite my new Virginia Woolfian way of thinking, every once and a while there are subtle reminders to the great difference between the sexes. For example. We were talking about restaurants the other day at work. Adam and I went and saw Wolverine yesterday (AMAZING. Those of you who thing the story line is corny are IODIOTS and have no idea what the comics are about) and then my sister-in-law treated us to Macaroni Grill. Yum.

At work we were discussing fat free and low calorie menu items. When I see an item that says "Low cal" or "Fat free" though I may have glanced over it earlier, I now look at it in detail, wondering if it is worth the money, what spices it has in it to make it taste good etc. Then I go through the intense mental debate if I should order it. It is healthier. It is better for me. Though I rarely actaully choose it, I consider it more than many other items becasue I think I should eat it. (The lure of butter drenched something always wins out.)

One of my masculine freinds in the office said something very different. He said he wished they would never add "Low cal" or "fat free" to the options, because then if he had been considering it, he stops and moves on. He said: "Fat free just means another meal that I won't eat."

Not androgynous. By any means.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Top Ten

Well, it's been a CRAZY week. Adam and I moved into our new apartment this week, and have been busy getting things transferred over and getting everything organized. So I will post on our new place later but for now I wanted to get my top ten things for our week here.

2. the picture Becky made me that is in my living room. It makes me happy to look at it.
3. A good job that makes the money.
4. Coke. Coke coke, I love it love it.
5. peanut butter toast with chocolate chips on it
6. That we don't hear anything from our new neighbors upstairs when we try to sleep
7. That work is EARLY so I get to do lots in the afternoon.
8. Scrabble! Adam and I played it all Saturday morning and we got really into it.
9. Car washes. We never use them in Oregon because it rains too much and here usually it snows so much. But in the summer I'm amazed what ten minutes through a wash can do to my ugly car. And their fun to watch from the inside.
10. Warren Miller. His movies are INSANE.