Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Zoo

Before graduation on Friday, my parents came into town on Thursday and we had LOTS of fun hanging out. We met my parents at the airport that morning then we took them to the Zoo. I haven't been in a long time- I think the last time was before my friends husband went on his mission and we all went together.We were talking about how we had never been and Adam said right in front of the teller that we had never been because he "didn't know there were any other Zoo's than San Diego." He was joking but the teller looked at him and said "I should hit you." Haha!
Utah Zoo actually has a lot of animals I had never seen before. Porcupines, sloths.... it was really fun. Adam's favorite was the Gorilla. It was so hot that no one wanted to play but they were cute napping and such.After the Zoo my dad, on the way back wanted to stop and see "this is the place". It was the place were Brigham Young was overlooking the valley and decided that Utah was the place that the saints needed to settle in. It was actually really neat to look over the entire valley, and they had an AMAZING monument in place.We spent the rest of the day mall shopping and eating and doing NOTHING. I LOVE being Graduated :)

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