Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Uncommon Reader

For my Women's Literature class this semester we had to read a novel called The Uncommon Reader. I tend to hate it when people give book reports on their blog- its like reading the end of a movie. So I am going to try not to let this be- “This is what the book is about”, but I had to say something about it. Because you will love it.

If you read it in a feminist light you will see why we read it in our class. But more than that, the book itself is just funny. The queen of England starts to read, gets obsessed, and it leads her to write. That's it.

What is amazing though, is how well the author understands, most likely because he loves to read himself, why people read. The desire you get that is so strong that you stay up to all hours of the night, to hide the book underneath the couch when your home teachers are over.

He knows how when you read an authors work, you feel like you know them, you feel like you can pass judgment on what they are saying, and how they are saying it, those you love and those that you hate.

Please buy it, and please read it. It is cheap, and only about 100 pages long, it won't take you more than three hours to read, and you will love it more than you favorites. It's in my top ten now.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this because now that we are in Florida for the summer I got myself a library card and have been wondering wondering wondering what to check out! I am adding this to my list. :o)