Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Ten but Books this time :)

I realized that with my last post, I told a very terrible lie. I had mentioned Uncommon Reader making my top ten, which made me try to narrow down my favorite books to a top ten and it cannot and will not be done. There has to be at least a top twenty, and I could go on into thirty and forty if I wanted.

So, since I am a cheater and looked at one of my friend's blogs :) who had a fun list on the side of her blog of her favorite books. So I decided I am going to do the same. Now that I am not in school I won't be reading eight books at one time, so the book that I am reading currently, I will just put at the top of the list and if I hate it :) then I will take it off. (Also, if I put one book go ahead and assume that I have read the whole series. because I most likely have, and it will be too much to put every book in every series.) So look!

(And for right now it is still April and those of who know me know the entire month of April is dedicated to Anne of Green Gables and the subsequent novels. So whatever book I read next month, I will add to the top of the list.)

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