Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday April 5th Top Ten

Well, the last one posted without me even writing anything haha! Amazing- I'm actually POSTING this ON Sunday! (We love conference week-end.)

1. PANCAKES. Did you know on the back of the Bisquick box there is a melt in your mouth recipe? And they really do melt in your mouth!
2. Plexiglas. Adam and I accidentally broke a window- Plexiglas keeps in more heat and out more noise than the glass did. Who would have thought?
3. Super cute puppies. Because ours are. And cuddly.
4. 19 days until I graduate!
5. mission reunions. We went to Adam's on Saturday and it was SO Much fun. I love all of those Albanian boys- their relationships, lives, how for some reason, maybe because Adam and I got married so early- I have become one of them. They sit down and talk with me as much with him and I love them all for that.
6. Regina Spektor. I went to her concert for my bachelorette party with a bunch of my england girls, and one of Adam's buddies has been reminding me how AMAZING she is. Watch her music video for the song Fidelity. It is SO good.
7. Coference weekend!
8. Dried mangos from costco. Holy yum!
9. Kohls. My friend at work had the cutest sweatshirt on the other day and said they were having a sale- and YES! I got the warmest cutest sweatshirt for 6.50! I know. Go to Kohls. They have such cute stuff...I had only been in there once before now.
10. Adam. Because he suprised me and washed our sheets while I was at work yesterday, filled my car with gas, and bought us milk. What a good man.

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  1. i freakin' love love love costco dried mangos!!!!!!!! and most of the other stuff too! love your face!