Monday, April 13, 2009


So, I was going through all of my pictures the other day with my graduation photos and I found two that made me laugh A LOT and also made me very reminiscent. These are photos from my junior year, (yes, as BYU we all take room-mate pictures like family pictures) when I had the best year ever as a single person.
This is from the very beginning of the semester. Like...October? Maybe September of 2006. From left to right there is Lilly, Mother Blair (one or two months home from the mission?), Kelly, and then the horrible duo Sarah (me!) and Lindsay (pre-mission Lindsay). (We were like the awful step siblings when you got us going.)
This pictures is then from April of 2007 from left to right there is Lily, engaged Lindsay, engaged Blair, pre England Sarah, and mission and graduated Kelly. Ta da! Amazing how much can change in one year but what is amazing is that even with the changes, we still all loved each other more than anything else.

Anways, it just made me happy to see them.

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  1. :) Yeah...and that was two years ago. Craziness. But so fun..I pretty much forced Lily to get a blog, but she hasn't posted yet. Being so far away from everyone and moving in different directions, I am VERY grateful for the technology that allows us all to stay in touch!