Monday, April 6, 2009

Romantic Romance

Do you ever realize how side tracked you can get in your thoughts? Adam took me to a concert a while back and I was listening to the music, then started thinking about the time period it was from, what was going on during that time period, who was writing then, what did they write, did I enjoy the book, why or why not etc.

And then just thinking about the early Romantic age, I tried to picture myself in it. (I would have been queen of amazing hats...) Then the funniest of all funny things, I tried to picture Adam and I in it. Like take our very immature relationship as it is and just plop it in the middle of High Romantic society.

We would be scandalous. Can't you see us, passing down Picadilly in London, the women in the shops talking behind fans and gloved hands as we go by. “Prissy did you SEE them?”
“Do you that I heard they sleep in the same bed EVERY night? She doesn't even have her own room!”
“Oh Prissy that's not even the half of it. Sometimes, I hear that SHE is the one who lures HIM into the bed.”
Prissy almost drops her fan as she gaps aloud. “No!”
“Oh yes.”

Adam, when he is at work, in pin striped and suspenders, a crisp white lab coat would get accosted at work. “Adam I have been meaning to talk to you.”
He would look up from his mortar and pestle. “What is it Tom?”
“There have been some rumors going around about you and your wife...” Adam would have to try to not look so amused. “It is alright for a man to have fun. It is even better when a man can enjoy his wife, but this type of activity... it is... well it's improper for people in your position.”

We would never be able to have a decent set of servants in the house. Maybe a cook... I would be affronted by the fact the my housekeeper couldn't keep the water closet as clean as I wanted and she would be horrified by my regular bathing activities. The nanny would be cast out with tears when I caught her scolding my children. I would be looked down on for my independence, my ability to quote Woolstonecraft at a dinner table. My wanting to quote her at a dinner table.

People would scoot by our home, frightened by our incessant laughter, and overall cordiality with one another. Not to say that the Romantics were not fond of one another. But the state and course of a marriage relationship was mature, reserved, controlled. Adam and I would have enjoyed one another's society more than anyone else's, preferring to stay at home most nights. And that would have unacceptable. What in the world would we want to be at home for?

Wouldn't Adam have looked dapper in a top hat though?


  1. Your post made me laugh out loud. Your honesty is why you are such a good writer. And I am quite sure that I will see your name in print one day...and buy at least 5 copies.

  2. Sarah this is why I love you. I love reading your writings and posts they are awesomely so you. It also makes me hate you with envy because I know it probably took you 10 minutes to write that whole things, while it would have taken me three days. Sad, but very true. I love blogging with you, it is fun!

  3. I would love to take a picture of oregon for you for your house, but you don't have to pay for it, only pay for my plane tickets to come and see you when you are rich. I can't believe you haven't seen that slideshow. Well, maybe not that surprising I guess. I made one for Mandy and Mike of their pics I took for them and I decided to make one for me because I liked it so much. I love watching it and seeing how skinny I was. haha!!!

  4. ummm sarah i love you to pieces! i know from personal experience that you look fabulous in those hats :) I think adam would too... when are we gonna hang out? i miss you!