Friday, April 10, 2009

Grad Photos!

Everyone is entitled to be a little vain right? :) These are my graduation pictures! (Because I graduate exactly two weeks from today.)

When I went to go buy my cap and gown I looked at announcements, and did you know to buy BYU announcements it costs 55 dollars for a box of 20? Yeah NO. So, my mom and I decided that I should make my own!

I found a template at Costco, (Costco charges 15 dollars for a box of fifty cards...not that I need fifty but you get the price difference), then I bought some official "BYU seals" (stickers!) to put on them, and one of my friends at work who dabbles in photography offered to take the pictures for me.

We spent an entire afternoon around Provo having the time of our lives snapping pictures :) She had come home a night or two before and we went through my whole wardrobe and picked out different outfits, and I got my hair done, did my nails, and she did my make-up. It was like a whole girl pamper day!

We actually took almost...250 pictures? Her aunt let her borrow her camera which was very VERY nice, and I think we spent too much time experimenting with the shutter speed. :)

Camille took them home and edited a few of them, and then I had to go through and decide which I liked the most haha! I think these few here are my favorites...

I haven't picked which one I want to use for my grad photos yet, but I have to figure that out soon because I am going to go print them out after school so I can get them in the mail :)

We took the most of them in different area's of the Provo library. It was pretty funny because I guess they don't like people who take pictures there? But they are used to Camille because her mom works there so they didn't kick us out. Plus, what kind of English major would I be if I DIDN'T get pictures taken in a library? Come on!

The rest of them were actually taken far down on University Avenue, in one of those abandoned areas where they always seem like they are doing construction? We weren't really dressed for hiking but it was fun anyways. :)

I think the ones where I am in black are my favorite.... Adam really likes the ones where I am outside in the yellow shirt. He was so cute last night when I was was showing them to him. He said he liked the look of the way I was holding my hat.

(Everyone always has to go off and say how much they love their husbands and how amazing they are, so all I am going to say is that however amazing your significant other is, mind is five points better, which always makes Adam the best. Because he is.)

Anyways :) Enough of this. Hope you enjoy the pictures! (I sure did:)


  1. Oh my gosh you are freakin hot!!!!!! Watch out adam!!! Whistle, Whistle!!!! Sarah you look so beautiful in these pics. I love your hair, especially the blonde. You look so much like Becca it is crazy.
    Okay now to my critique. I like the one with the grass, but it is very reminiscent of senior pics done by yours truly. But maybe that is what you are going for. I love the black and white face shot above the yellow shirt. It is very direct which I like is portraits. The 3rd one down is also one of my favs. These two are simple but powerful in the way of your direct eye contact and you look so grown up. But the one on the floor where you are messing with your shoe is oh my gosh my favorite of all. So if you are looking to use a sophisticated sexy artsy look, go with this one or just frame it and also send a copy to me.
    I love you sarah and I hope I helped. I am so proud of you for graduating. Muah!!!

  2. What beautiful pictures. You are so photogenic-congratulations on graduating!

  3. you look so hottt. your hair is long! and blonde! and sexyyy. these pics are darling and i'm sure everyone who gets your announcements will probably keep the pic on the fridge for years to come.

    also, yes. i will be there for grad weekend. i would like to see your face. thank you. :)

  4. My favorite is the black with the red shoes on the checkered floor. Where you're looking down. And your hair is getting so long! And I really do like the blonde. I think they look great!