Saturday, April 11, 2009


During this semester I have tended to have two days off of work a week- Tuesday and Friday. (I do still have classes on Friday though.) As the semester has been coming to an end though, I regularly go to work on Tuesday, for at least a few hours to do some trainings. So Adam has been making the one day I do get off from work, Friday, amazing.

Last Friday when we woke up he convinced me to play hookie, so we slept in, while I took a VERY long shower, he cleaned and fed the puppies and made me breakfast. Then we ran some errands and he let me go to Kohls and go shopping. (Big sales there PS- I got the CUTEST sweatshirt for 7 bucks!)

After that we had some of his friends over to play games, then he took me to Provo Towne center where we saw the new Fast and The Furious. Very good actually- I enjoyed it a lot. (I think if I was my old room-mate Natalie and in love with what's his name- then I would have loved it all the more.) Then we went out to eat at Panda Express, and drove up to Salt Lake (Not quite salt lake I don't think) for Adam's mission reunion.

I got to meet a lot of boys that I didn't know, meet a lot of the boys who I have heard a lot about (good and bad haha!) meet kids (that was weird) and sit and talk to all the ones that I know in love. It was really REALLY fun.

And this Friday, after I got out of class at 3 I had some shopping and errands to do, but then Adam and I got Cafe Rio, after which Adam took me to see Divine Comedy on campus. I had never been before. To be honest, at the start they did a skit that was WAY lame, but by the end bith Adam and I were LOVING it! They did a parody called "The Dark KnYght." And Batman was trying to cure the honor code.

Wonderful, wonderful weekend days :)

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