Tuesday, April 14, 2009


About time I got these pictures in here :) Happy Easter to Sarah and Adam!This is us trying to get Heathcliff in his Easter sweater. It was a little small.
And Adam tried on the bunny ears that we bought for the puppies and that didn't fit.
Then we dyed Easter eggs in the early morning. It was a glow in the dark Paas kit.We got a LITTLE excited with the Easter egg dye. Doesn't Fatjona look cute?
Here is our family Easter picture...still in the PJ's.
These are our very pretty eggs, all nicely dyed and ready to be eaten!Now the puppies are eating their happy Easter bones. We make them eat them in the kitchen because the bones are very, very messy.This is our Easter feast. Adam's sister made a pot roast and I made funeral potatoes and rolls and Amy brought brownies and ice cream, and I made cookies and we had sparkling cider. It was SOO good!

It was a wonderful, wonderful evening, and we watched Iron Man in blue-ray and relaxed for the first time in what felt like months.


  1. You guys are so cute with your dinner and dying eggs on easter. I am jealous, trent was gone all day doing drills for firefighting. I was so bored. Why is your dogs name heathcliff?

  2. I love that you put Easter egg dye in the dog's hair. So cute and creative.:) Do you still have your egg spinner?