Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chemical Dream

When we wake-up in the mornings Adam and I have a tradition after our alarm goes off of lying in bed and telling each other what we dreamed about. Usually they are pretty random, sometimes very hilarious. So yesterday Adam wake's me up with this:

“I dreamed that you were making me kool-aid with Methylene Chloride and tetra hydro furan. (He had to explain to me that those are both clear, unscented “dry” (?) solvents that he uses pretty often in his chemistry lab) And when you handed it to me to drink I had to tell you I couldn't because it could kill me.”

Now, for the record I wasn't TRYING to kill him- I just thought those solvents were water so Adam had to explain to me in the dream that they weren't, and what they were used for.

My question- is it weird that your husband loves his chemistry research so much that he is dreaming about chemicals at night?

1 comment:

  1. If his dreams are like that, I'm thinking he needs to get out of the lab earlier! Haha :) Just kidding. I'm glad he loves what he's studying.