Friday, April 24, 2009

Adam's Birthday!

Heavens! So much has happened for us in the past few weeks and there has been no time to update anything. Now that I have that time though I will try to do one a day with pictures until I am all done :)

So for today... Adam's birthday! He turned 23 on the 18th of April right in the middle of finals week. I had 3 finals that day, so I decorated the night before, and that morning he woke-up early with me and we opened all of his presents together.
When I got home from finals we met up with some of Adam's friends and his sister for dinner at TGI Friday's. Adam calls their barbecue sauce liquid gold.
After dinner we went back to our house where we had Oreo ice cream cake. I guess there is an actual recipe for it but I just kind of made mine up :) Sadly enough, though we did sing, we had no candles since the night before the puppy got on the kitchen table and then... ate them. No joke. And then we played games and had a very good time.
Happy Birthday to my Baby!

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