Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Top Ten but Books this time :)

I realized that with my last post, I told a very terrible lie. I had mentioned Uncommon Reader making my top ten, which made me try to narrow down my favorite books to a top ten and it cannot and will not be done. There has to be at least a top twenty, and I could go on into thirty and forty if I wanted.

So, since I am a cheater and looked at one of my friend's blogs :) who had a fun list on the side of her blog of her favorite books. So I decided I am going to do the same. Now that I am not in school I won't be reading eight books at one time, so the book that I am reading currently, I will just put at the top of the list and if I hate it :) then I will take it off. (Also, if I put one book go ahead and assume that I have read the whole series. because I most likely have, and it will be too much to put every book in every series.) So look!

(And for right now it is still April and those of who know me know the entire month of April is dedicated to Anne of Green Gables and the subsequent novels. So whatever book I read next month, I will add to the top of the list.)

The Uncommon Reader

For my Women's Literature class this semester we had to read a novel called The Uncommon Reader. I tend to hate it when people give book reports on their blog- its like reading the end of a movie. So I am going to try not to let this be- “This is what the book is about”, but I had to say something about it. Because you will love it.

If you read it in a feminist light you will see why we read it in our class. But more than that, the book itself is just funny. The queen of England starts to read, gets obsessed, and it leads her to write. That's it.

What is amazing though, is how well the author understands, most likely because he loves to read himself, why people read. The desire you get that is so strong that you stay up to all hours of the night, to hide the book underneath the couch when your home teachers are over.

He knows how when you read an authors work, you feel like you know them, you feel like you can pass judgment on what they are saying, and how they are saying it, those you love and those that you hate.

Please buy it, and please read it. It is cheap, and only about 100 pages long, it won't take you more than three hours to read, and you will love it more than you favorites. It's in my top ten now.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I know, took me long enough to post about it :)

I have officially graduated from BYU! I got a BA in English, my emphasis in Creative Writing. We skipped the huge graduation on Thursday so we could hang-out as a family, but we went to the Humanities convocation on Friday. It was AMAZING. The speakers were wonderful. Even Adam liked most of them, which says a lot :)

Adam's aunt Alison from Spanish Fork drove down just to be there to support me, and I got to see a lot of my friends who were graduating from classes I had taken from this semester, and even a few of my England friends. Being with them was the most fun.

We went to brunch at Mimi's, went home to pack up my parents stuff, went to BYU to shop so my parents could get all the stuff they wanted, then we went to a movie. Do NOT see Mall Cop. Not funny in the least.

It was really sad to see my parents go but I am SO glad they came out. We had so much fun with them!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Top Ten

I will post about Graduation tomorrow. So many things to be happy about and thankful I had to do this today.

1. DONE DONE DONE with school! Yay!
2. my parents and all their love
3. Diamonds! I feel a little bad saying that but they are so pretty that I cannot help it :)
4. Baby blessings, and watching Adam be a part of the circle. So cute.
5. Running into old friends you haven't seen in ages. Hello Brian and Meredith!
6. Getting to see old friends that have moved, or are busy. I love you Kim and Laura!
7. Sun. Oh warm sun, please unfreeze my cold and tired soul.
8. Going out for Breakfast. You have to do it at the right place otherwise it makes you sick but MAN! Mimi's is good.
9. New family additions. I can't WAIT to meet my new nephew this summer.
10. Babies in general. Alison and Jared's baby, all of Adam's brother and sisters babies, my brothers babies, Megan and Kevin's babies, Brian and Meredith's baby (oh yes, I was sneaking peaks during church) pictures of babies etc. Do you realize how amazing they smell? Heavens!

Disclaimer- the above in no way means I WANT a baby right now. It just means I would be willing to babysit every once and a while. In the wise words of my very best friend, Adam and I are still a little too selfish with each other right now. The morning I wake-up and realize I am okay with giving it all up, then I will know that I am ready for a baby. Right now I will just get my kicks through enjoying all of yours :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Zoo

Before graduation on Friday, my parents came into town on Thursday and we had LOTS of fun hanging out. We met my parents at the airport that morning then we took them to the Zoo. I haven't been in a long time- I think the last time was before my friends husband went on his mission and we all went together.We were talking about how we had never been and Adam said right in front of the teller that we had never been because he "didn't know there were any other Zoo's than San Diego." He was joking but the teller looked at him and said "I should hit you." Haha!
Utah Zoo actually has a lot of animals I had never seen before. Porcupines, sloths.... it was really fun. Adam's favorite was the Gorilla. It was so hot that no one wanted to play but they were cute napping and such.After the Zoo my dad, on the way back wanted to stop and see "this is the place". It was the place were Brigham Young was overlooking the valley and decided that Utah was the place that the saints needed to settle in. It was actually really neat to look over the entire valley, and they had an AMAZING monument in place.We spent the rest of the day mall shopping and eating and doing NOTHING. I LOVE being Graduated :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Adam's Birthday!

Heavens! So much has happened for us in the past few weeks and there has been no time to update anything. Now that I have that time though I will try to do one a day with pictures until I am all done :)

So for today... Adam's birthday! He turned 23 on the 18th of April right in the middle of finals week. I had 3 finals that day, so I decorated the night before, and that morning he woke-up early with me and we opened all of his presents together.
When I got home from finals we met up with some of Adam's friends and his sister for dinner at TGI Friday's. Adam calls their barbecue sauce liquid gold.
After dinner we went back to our house where we had Oreo ice cream cake. I guess there is an actual recipe for it but I just kind of made mine up :) Sadly enough, though we did sing, we had no candles since the night before the puppy got on the kitchen table and then... ate them. No joke. And then we played games and had a very good time.
Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Top Ten

Well, it's hard to think of ten top things in the throws of finals week and the end of the semester but I'll come up with something ;)

1. No more finals AFTER tomorrow
2. graduation on friday which also mean my parents will be in town
3. warm sun (though I woke up on Wednesday with 6 inches of snow on my car)
4. on-line classroom flash cards... who knew they existed?
5. TGIFridays and liquid gold barbecue sauce
6. a manager who understand that I need lots of time off for finals
7. Happy Birthday decorations
8. how on Saturday Adam said maybe fifteen times "It's my Birthday". Boy got away with EVERYTHING :)
9. cars that work
10. that every time I acutally do my hair it looks longer....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bye, Bye, Heathcliff

Today was a happy day and a sad day all at once.

We have had a pretty hard living situation for the past few months. We finally got out of our current contract and found a new place to live, which we will be moving into at the end of the month. It is very nice, very big, and all done over with new cabinets and new carpet. The problem is, with all this brand new stuff, we could only keep one, very well behaved puppy and since we have yet to be able to get Heathcliff potty trained....

If I have learned anything as yet about marriage it is that in life there are some things that stress you out that you cant help. A leaky ceiling. A popped car tire. A lost job. Finals week :) Then there are things you could avoid. Why worry about cooking a nice dinner when your husband doesn't mind have Costco chicken nuggets for five days in a row anyways? If you can avoid the stress of having a puppy that poops on the floor, when you already have a perfect one, wouldn't you take care of it too?

So we called out Vet and found the best place they would suggest to take him, a shelter in Lindon, and Adam dropped him off while I sat in the car. We were both sad, both a little misty, and right as we are leaving, a car pulls up next to us, and two small boys with their parents and baby sister pop out of the car and run inside, excited about the puppy they were going to adopt.

Both Adam and I knew that they weren't necessarily going to adopt Heathcliff, but we both felt it was the Lord's way of telling us that Heathcliff, as super cute as he is, is going to be just fine, and very happy. And the rest of the day as we ran our errands and ate our lunch, we couldn't help feeling so good, knowing that this was the right thing to do for us, and for our new home.

Here are the last few pictures of our cute little boy, just as a way of saying good-bye to him.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


About time I got these pictures in here :) Happy Easter to Sarah and Adam!This is us trying to get Heathcliff in his Easter sweater. It was a little small.
And Adam tried on the bunny ears that we bought for the puppies and that didn't fit.
Then we dyed Easter eggs in the early morning. It was a glow in the dark Paas kit.We got a LITTLE excited with the Easter egg dye. Doesn't Fatjona look cute?
Here is our family Easter picture...still in the PJ's.
These are our very pretty eggs, all nicely dyed and ready to be eaten!Now the puppies are eating their happy Easter bones. We make them eat them in the kitchen because the bones are very, very messy.This is our Easter feast. Adam's sister made a pot roast and I made funeral potatoes and rolls and Amy brought brownies and ice cream, and I made cookies and we had sparkling cider. It was SOO good!

It was a wonderful, wonderful evening, and we watched Iron Man in blue-ray and relaxed for the first time in what felt like months.

Monday, April 13, 2009


So, I was going through all of my pictures the other day with my graduation photos and I found two that made me laugh A LOT and also made me very reminiscent. These are photos from my junior year, (yes, as BYU we all take room-mate pictures like family pictures) when I had the best year ever as a single person.
This is from the very beginning of the semester. Like...October? Maybe September of 2006. From left to right there is Lilly, Mother Blair (one or two months home from the mission?), Kelly, and then the horrible duo Sarah (me!) and Lindsay (pre-mission Lindsay). (We were like the awful step siblings when you got us going.)
This pictures is then from April of 2007 from left to right there is Lily, engaged Lindsay, engaged Blair, pre England Sarah, and mission and graduated Kelly. Ta da! Amazing how much can change in one year but what is amazing is that even with the changes, we still all loved each other more than anything else.

Anways, it just made me happy to see them.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Top Ten

Sunday's are for Top Ten so I will blog about our Easter tomorrow or the next day.

1. my family. I talked to ALL of my siblings today and they are the funniest people ever.
2. chocolate covered strawberries.
3. how excited our puppies are to see us when we come home from work, or even when we get up in the morning.
4. how blessed we are by the Lord to be able to move into a new place soon, that the money worked out, that we love our neighbors and our soon to be back yard
5. Adam. He does the laundry.
6. blogging. How fun is this I mean really?
7. Costco
8. that after four years as an english major what I have learned is how to write a 12 page research paper in one night
9. I graduate in 12 days. And I get to see my family when I do.
10. BYU's divine comedy. SO funny.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


During this semester I have tended to have two days off of work a week- Tuesday and Friday. (I do still have classes on Friday though.) As the semester has been coming to an end though, I regularly go to work on Tuesday, for at least a few hours to do some trainings. So Adam has been making the one day I do get off from work, Friday, amazing.

Last Friday when we woke up he convinced me to play hookie, so we slept in, while I took a VERY long shower, he cleaned and fed the puppies and made me breakfast. Then we ran some errands and he let me go to Kohls and go shopping. (Big sales there PS- I got the CUTEST sweatshirt for 7 bucks!)

After that we had some of his friends over to play games, then he took me to Provo Towne center where we saw the new Fast and The Furious. Very good actually- I enjoyed it a lot. (I think if I was my old room-mate Natalie and in love with what's his name- then I would have loved it all the more.) Then we went out to eat at Panda Express, and drove up to Salt Lake (Not quite salt lake I don't think) for Adam's mission reunion.

I got to meet a lot of boys that I didn't know, meet a lot of the boys who I have heard a lot about (good and bad haha!) meet kids (that was weird) and sit and talk to all the ones that I know in love. It was really REALLY fun.

And this Friday, after I got out of class at 3 I had some shopping and errands to do, but then Adam and I got Cafe Rio, after which Adam took me to see Divine Comedy on campus. I had never been before. To be honest, at the start they did a skit that was WAY lame, but by the end bith Adam and I were LOVING it! They did a parody called "The Dark KnYght." And Batman was trying to cure the honor code.

Wonderful, wonderful weekend days :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sad day

I'm really sad with the format of the last post PS. I tried really hard to format it- even using the preview button loads of times- but for some reason when it actually posted it didn't work. I was super upset.

Grad Photos!

Everyone is entitled to be a little vain right? :) These are my graduation pictures! (Because I graduate exactly two weeks from today.)

When I went to go buy my cap and gown I looked at announcements, and did you know to buy BYU announcements it costs 55 dollars for a box of 20? Yeah NO. So, my mom and I decided that I should make my own!

I found a template at Costco, (Costco charges 15 dollars for a box of fifty cards...not that I need fifty but you get the price difference), then I bought some official "BYU seals" (stickers!) to put on them, and one of my friends at work who dabbles in photography offered to take the pictures for me.

We spent an entire afternoon around Provo having the time of our lives snapping pictures :) She had come home a night or two before and we went through my whole wardrobe and picked out different outfits, and I got my hair done, did my nails, and she did my make-up. It was like a whole girl pamper day!

We actually took almost...250 pictures? Her aunt let her borrow her camera which was very VERY nice, and I think we spent too much time experimenting with the shutter speed. :)

Camille took them home and edited a few of them, and then I had to go through and decide which I liked the most haha! I think these few here are my favorites...

I haven't picked which one I want to use for my grad photos yet, but I have to figure that out soon because I am going to go print them out after school so I can get them in the mail :)

We took the most of them in different area's of the Provo library. It was pretty funny because I guess they don't like people who take pictures there? But they are used to Camille because her mom works there so they didn't kick us out. Plus, what kind of English major would I be if I DIDN'T get pictures taken in a library? Come on!

The rest of them were actually taken far down on University Avenue, in one of those abandoned areas where they always seem like they are doing construction? We weren't really dressed for hiking but it was fun anyways. :)

I think the ones where I am in black are my favorite.... Adam really likes the ones where I am outside in the yellow shirt. He was so cute last night when I was was showing them to him. He said he liked the look of the way I was holding my hat.

(Everyone always has to go off and say how much they love their husbands and how amazing they are, so all I am going to say is that however amazing your significant other is, mind is five points better, which always makes Adam the best. Because he is.)

Anyways :) Enough of this. Hope you enjoy the pictures! (I sure did:)