Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top Ten

A very good friend of mine used to make lists once a week that he called his top ten and he would email them out to everyone. They would include things he loved, funny stories, moments, things he was grateful for- anything positive from the previous week. I decided that this would be something really fun for me to do on Sundays when I am avoiding essay's :) So these are my Top Ten from this past week.

1. Kisses. Any and All. Chocolate kisses, lip kisses, puppy kisses, baby kisses, butterfly kisses, kisses from the sun etc.
2. THE SUN!! We were beginning to forget that it existed in all the snow.
3. Progression
4. Babies in church. What is so funny is that it will be silent for an hour and then all of sudden, five of them will start throwing tantrums all at the same time. It is hilarious!
5. BLOGGING!! It keeps me from being bored during class.
6. Work picking up. People from last summer are coming back, things are getting busier, and I can finally do the job I have been working on and trained for.
7. High heels. All of them. Platforms, chunky heels, short ones, 6 inch ones, stiletto. Any woman in a pair of heels cant help but feel, and look, dynamite.
8. Cheese flavored rice cakes. Amazingly good for a rice cake.
9. Dutch desserts and learning to make them. I can now professional stiffen egg whites and fold them into pancake puff batter, and use a pastry filler.
10. Clorox wipes. They speak for themselves.

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