Monday, March 23, 2009

Sundays Top Ten

So I forgot to do this with homework and Draper Temple dedication. SO! I am writing it a day late but here are my top ten.

1. sleeping in. Especially with Adam because he is so cute when he first wakes-up in the morning.
2. taking pictures. Is that vain? I had to get graduation pics this week and I just think it is SO fun.
3. salons and going blond. Yeah for summer blond!
4. sun and warm warm sun. (Even though it is snowing again grrr...)
5. the fact that there is now only 32 days, plus weekends until I graduate!
6. Mrs. Dalloway. Friends- I will write a whole blog on that book sometime. Because I AM Mrs. Dalloway.
7. that my teachers are as tired of teaching class as I am of going. At least two get canceled each week...
8. tax refunds and that my dad is an accountant so I don't have to do taxes myself...
9. girl scout cookies. Who does not love those?
10. MAC voice recorder. So I can record my classes while I am in there, allowing me to write during the classes I actually go to, and then play Castle Defend on Adam's i-pod while I listen to lecture at my own leisure. BEST INVENTION EVER.


  1. Sarah! Can we sit by each other at graduation?

  2. WOW. :) LOVE girl scout cookies. We definitely ate 3 boxes on Sunday. Samoas rock my world. mmm. :)

  3. Is the book called Mrs Dalloway? I would be interested to read a book about you :)