Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday March 29 Top Ten

Some day when I am not in school anymore I will be able to post more than just this, and post this on time :) So! For this past week.

1. husbands that are cute. Like when you have a long day and you come home and that cute husband has cleaned the ENTIRE kitchen from top to bottom and started in on making dinner
2. clean puppies. After a long shower and shampoo they are so soft and so cuddly. It's like a blanket right from the washer.
3. Toni Morrison. LOVE her.
4. Panda express drive thru, and the fact that it's right in my path home. Which is why I will never be model thin. Worth it though.
5. Butterfinger eggs. They have butterfinger hearts on Valentines too- broken up pieces of Butterfinger mixed with chocolate- on my gosh amazing.
6. Country music. I used to be in love with it, and then moved on, and recently, when driving around with a friend discovered it again, and I am so sad that I ever let it go...
7. mothers. Mine has always been at the top of my favorite things list, and when you get married, you get a second one! My mother in law calls me to tell me about the straightener she has discovered.
8. Have I mentioned that before? Don't care. :) I laugh every episode, cry every other.
9. I graduate in 24 days from today! (Yes, that will be on the list every week until I actually get to graduate.)
10. taking showers right before bed

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