Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daylight Savings

So, funny story for you all.
Adam and I have a way of getting wrapped up in our own lives. Which really, isn't all that bad considering our lives concern all of American and British and feminist literature, securing homes, cancer research, neurological problems, dogs.... But we have a way of blocking out anything social and political. Including holidays: St. Patrick's day, Ground Hogs Day, April Fools Day, and Daylight savings.
With this you have to know we LIVE by our cell phones. They are our almost single modes of communication, scheduling etc.
So on Sundays, specifically this past Sunday, we have church at one. So we lounge in bed, eat, talk to one another, and all this takes place in the living room of course because our apartment is an ice box, and the living room has a heater, and we let the dogs in there. So, our cell phones say 12, we get ready, we go to church. They say eleven at night, we go to bed. Never once do we take notice of a single clock in the house.
On Monday we wake-up to my alarm, we ignore it. We wake up to Adams, sleep for another half hour and then get out of bed at what we THINK is eight. But when I look at my cell, it's nine.
"My alarm says eight," Adam says.
"Well my Alarm says nine," I insist.
He checks his computer. "Well that says nine..."
(Imagine this all with much more worry and frustration because his class starts at ten, and I was suppose to be at the gym by nine.)
We check EVERY CLOCK in the house. All the ones that run by satellite, (phone, computer, ipod) all say nine. Every other one says eight.
Adam is laughing. "What happened?"
"Did we miss daylight savings?"
"No way. It changes on Sunday. We wouldn't have made it to chruch!"
"Then what time is it?"
Adam runs into the shower, not wanting to be late, but not liking the idea of being an hour early either.
So I look up daylight savings on the computer. It says it happened Sunday morning at 2am. Which means our cell phones are right. "How in the world did we make it to church on time?" I wonder as Adam now is dashing through his shower.
Yeah the cell phones. Becasue the only time we USE a real clock, is Adams alarm when we get up in the morning. Becasue we are so oblivious to any other life that surrounds our bubble, somehow we missed all the announcements that daylight savings was actually happening earlier this year. So we spent our entire morning confused, wondering, what the heck is going on and why all of our clocks are off?
We laughed about it- the entire day :)

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  1. really you two? really?

    get a life...

    jk jk i miss you!!!