Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Multiple Posts

I know I am one to complain when people do this but heavens! Sometimes so much happens that you NEED to post six or seven times in a row to get things done and told. So.... don't worry. My posts aren't long. I just wanted to put ALL the pictures from our recent adventures- Christmas and reunions. Feel free to look at all of them. I will post the rest of our vacation to Oregon as soon as I can- but enjoy what I have here now! I have to go and get caught up on all of YOUR blogs :)

Christmas Day!

I love Christmas day at my house! I love that my siblings are all still young enough that everyone wants to get up by seven to open presents and dig into their stockings. No sleeping in for the Rays!

Instead of exchanging gifts this year the family exchanged names and did each others stockings. Adam and I did each other's stockings of course, but my parents and my siblings did each others and had so much fun digging into them while we waited for everyone else to wake up.
Once everyone was awake we opened gifts- my dad playing Santa Claus as always. (Dont worry- he's not the type to dress up.)

Later Christmas night my brother came into town with his family and we opened presents with them. My nieces are so cute, and they were so excited about getting to open even more gifts!

Ice Skating Christmas Eve

Adam and I went to Oregon for Christmas this year and somehow, on Christmas eve I was able to convince my siblings that we needed to go Ice Skating at the Lloyd Center Mall. It actually didn't take much convincing at all. They were super excited to go.My little brother Alex was one of the best skaters actually. I was really impressed with him!
The kids friend Chummy came with us. He was the best out of all, we were glad to have him there.

My outfit? My sisters. The pants are mine but I wore all the rest of her stuff. It was the best feeling in the world being able to raid her closet and have it all fit. Without even having to try too much.
My best friend Becky's sisters Nataly and Amber came along for a while as well. This is a picture of the whole crew.

Chummy had this way of slingshotting a person across the ice- scared me more than half to death. I was screaming- I think the whole mall heard me!

Chummy ALSO had a way of speeding down the ice and them ramming into you. Also incredibly scary.

Rebekah made Chum re-tie her skates. Shows what kind of friend she is that he would ask, and what kind he is that he would actually do it.

Rebekah refused to give me a good picture. I was so mad at her!

This is us resting afterwards in one of the chairs outside the elevator in the mall. Made me feel good that I wasn't so fat that I would squish my sisters now by sitting on them.

England and Albania

We had a reunion before we went home for Christmas with all of the girls from my England trip a few years ago. It was so good to see all of them! Everyone has gone so far. The whole group

Me and Satan aka Lucy

Me and Kate Mayron

Me and Mel Fultz

Mel and her fiancee

Me and Joni Newman

Me and Liz Knight whose fiancee Lad (awesome name) couldn't quite make it

Me and Bess Hayes

Right as all the England girls were leaving some of Adams Albanian friends and mission companions came over and we spent the rest of the evening playing games with all of them.
From left to right we have Daniel Clark, Ryan Miller, Adam and Peco

Me, Jo, and her roomie

Cocoli, Adam, and Ryan

Ryan shipped out for boot camp on the 29th so this was really the last time we saw him since we went to Oregon for Christmas. We will miss him!

Becky in Town!

My best friend Becky came into town for a weekend right before Christmas. Her husband Trent's best friend from the mission was getting married so they came and stayed with us. We had so much time!!

Becky came into town on Wednesday and after I went to work that afternoon we went out to Cafe Rio and dyed my hair blond. It was pretty fun because another one of our friends Troy Trainer who we went out to dinner with that night got engaged right after!

Thursday morning I worked, and that night Becky and Trent had to go to a rehearsal dinner for Shawn (the mission friend) but Becky and I were able to spend the entire afternoon with just the two of us talking and watching friends.

Friday Becky and Trent were gone all day at the wedding, I worked and Adam finished his finals. Adam and I hung out with some of his friends and had a good time.

Saturday morning we spent the whole day eating, making treats. Becky and I went jogging to the store then we went out to lunch with lots of our Gresham friends- Becky and Trent, Me and Adam, Troy and his Fiancee, Mandy and Mike, and Bruce and his girlfriend. Adam and I went to a wedding that night for his mission buddy and Becky and Trent went to temple square with Mandy and Mike.

Then left Sunday night- they went to church with family and friends and then we spent the afternoon napping and talking. It was such a good time! I felt like I was back in high school again, getting to spend all my time with her.

Very First Snow

This is center street in Provo- its right by my work. I thought the bench was very picturesqueThis is the front of our house. Super cute yeah?

This is the stairs that lead down to our apartment. We live on the bottom floor
Not all so super happy about the snow but I am doing the best I can to be excited about it
Looking out from the view of our house
The side of our house...that's the place that we used to live. Adam had taken a video to show how hard it was snowing but I couldn't get it on here and didn't have the patience to try haha!